When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a writer.  

I filled notebooks with stories about my brother, my family, my grandmother, and our wagon full of cats.  People loved them.

Well, for sure, at least one person loved them.

I also kept notebooks full of detailed reporting about my family. How many household rules my brother broke before noon and how many cigarettes per day my grandma smoked, which was clearly grassroots journalism, but it wasn’t quite as well received, if you can imagine that. I left home for college to major in Communications or in English - with dreams of putting words on the page for a living. My mom and dad had dreams too. Dreams of me being financially independent one day, so they changed my enrollment to the business school. Business school served me well as I progressed to various leadership positions and advanced quickly in my chosen career. (So, I guess I should say thanks, Mom and Dad!)

But the dream of writing never went away. It was just tucked underneath my “smart choices.” 

And then the internet changed it all!

Blogs were introduced. I found my opportunity to pursue something that was hidden deep in my heart. When my husband and I made the move to Texas, we left behind all our friends and family - literally all of them. We knew not one single soul in Houston. I launched a family blog, Blogging Across Texas, journaling our experiences in the Lone Star State, the birth of our twins, and that time I thought I could take my cat on a stroll on a leash.

To my surprise, people read it. They read it right up until the day I stepped away from blog writing to work on a new love and calling: preaching. 

Turns out that sermons need to get written before they can get preached (I’m a deep south girl, you’re going to have to learn to live with that kind of grammar. I like to write as I speak). And write I did.  Hours of research, prep, first drafts, second drafts, editing, and writing some more went into each final manuscript.  One of the most challenging parts of the sermon-writing process was learning to hear feedback on my writing. Ugh, it is HARD being completely exposed and transparent; but grateful when someone points out that you need better exposition or that your 3rd point is murky! It was certainly a discipline that I never developed before. And it changed me. My writing went from personal to purposed. Having it used by God for building His people and His Kingdom only made me eager to dive deeper.

So, this blog is my journey.  Writing is how I process what God is teaching me. It’s where the theological concepts I’m learning in seminary and the Word of God meet my everyday life. Come take this trip with me! Let’s wrestle through this thing together and see what God has for us.  

With, of course, the occasional appearance of my really cute kids.