Canoes, Family, a Rv & a Graduation

Justin and the boys took a fun "guys trip" in May.  They loaded up and headed to the Hill Country for some "camping."   Justin found a cabin that had electricity, a small shower, and a bed.   They canoed, cooked at the campsite, fished, and jumped off rocks.  The boys LOVED it.  (Especially the big one :-) 

On Sunday afternoon, I heard the doorbell ring and when I opened the door, there stood my two little perfect gentlemen with a bouquet of wildflowers they picked just for me.  Melt. My. Heart.

At the end of May we had 2 BIG celebrations - I had a birthday (and by BIG I mean age!) and the boys GRADUATED KINDERGARTEN.  HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN?

This brought lots of family in town and we celebrated for about 2 weeks!  My actual birthday fell on a Sunday which was fun.. thankful for all the people who stopped and wished me Happy Birthday! 

lunch celebration with my buddies 

exciting birthday delivery - the Harry Potter Collection

Eli found the perfect spot.  Is it really from Hogwart's?? 

And Star Wars Disney Infinity Characters for me!

An afternoon celebrating with great friends - and gluten free goodies!!

And then the family rolled in!   Ma, Dave, and Colby arrived first in the motor home.  Let me tell you.  It was an adventure getting them here.  I wish I had a recording of our hilarious phone calls, the hour we spent driving 45 and the Grand Parkway with the 4 of us looking for an RV with a jeep behind it and 2 dogs in parking lot of an HEB.  Seriously.  You can't make this stuff up!

Look at this crazy crew 


The boys still had some school left so they got some very special visitors for lunch.

And then Dee Dee and Poppy arrived to celebrate these graduates!

I love that Beckett was given Optimistic by his teacher.  He is my encourager and normally has a sunny outlook.  I love that he is positive and fun! 

Eli's teacher said that he can be counted on to get things done, do his work, and follow the rules.  He loves structure and reward systems.  I have to agree he is trusted and reliable!

It's hard to tell in these tiny pictures but we had no idea that pictures were happening.  They dressed as "twins" that day and they each have on one green shoe and one orange shoe.  They switched a shoe!   I still find it crazy that there 2 classes have more people than I graduated high school with and there are 3 more kindergarten classes.

Eli's class 

Beckett's class 

The sweetest kindergarten awards celebration.  I might have teared up. 

We loved having special guest to celebrate with us!

Beckett and his teacher Ms Roberts 

Eli and his teacher Ms Linden

That day I got a special treat.   When we were out to lunch Eli climbed up in my lap with his new stuffed animal he picked out for graduation and went to sleep.  After a day of celebrating how big my buddies have gotten, God knew that mommy's heart needed extra love.

We had crazy flooding rains again (this is the third flood for Poppy) and it was rough getting them home but they made it!  And as the left, The Riley's rolled in.

Another birthday celebration!

While they were here, they took the boys to Galveston for some fun and fishing (and I got to go to the spa with my birthday gift.. now that's a real celebration!)

What a great start to summer getting to spend two weeks celebrating these guys with family.  Definitely took the sting out of mommy's tears that Kindergarten is over.  I could not be more proud of these this year and how they transitioned and adjusted. (and the same could be said for mommy and daddy) It was a great year but we are SO ready for summer!! 


The Riley's 

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