Summer Makes My Heart Full

12 weeks.  12 weeks have passed since Pre-K graduation and the impending start of Kindergarten.   12 weeks that I have tried to savor the last of a precious season in our life.  We made some great memories made even sweeter by this inevitable truth that these are the best days!  Summer in Houston brings smoking hot weather but lots of chances for fun.  And lots of swimming!  Our second season with our pool was even more fun than our first.  The boys are swimming great this year and we used the pool almost every day.  (and as a bath tub when the bathrooms were under renovation!) 

Night swimming is our favorite!

And as many sweet treats as possible... 

Of course we played at home.. the boys were super impressed with mom's sidewalk chalk art.

This summer we packed it full of as many "dates" as we could.. loved all the time we spent with friends exploring Houston.  Fridays with mom are our favorite! We spent a great day at Hermann park and the Butterfly museum.

"Mom! We made it to the city!" 

exploring butterflies!

Indoor tropical rainforest 

Arcades and Chuck E Cheese!

Shooting evil pirates 

Eli LOVES skee ball. mommy's favorite and dominates!

Doing work.


And a fun trip to the mall!

Carousel, food court, and Lego fun!
Trampolines and splash pads with some of our best buds.  

Where's my wolverine?

Bouncing boys!

So typical Eli.  Too busy at the restaurant.  5 minutes after we leave "hey. do we have any leftovers?"

We spent a fun day the Aquarium..


Jackson and Brady (Not pictured "baby Ryan") our favorite Friday besties! 

Sugarland Skeeters with our best friends! 

Pretzels with Uncle CC

The challenge

Cotton candy of course 

My heart is full 
We took the boys on their first horseback ride.  We did an early morning ride before it got just crazy hot.  They were hesitant at first but did great out on the trail.  Love Groupon! 

Hey mom! I thought we were riding horses not bikes! 

Beckett "I'm not too sure about this" 

Eli "Stand back. I've got this" 

Gorgeous ride.. so thankful for my family and this beautiful creation to enjoy!

Riley family horse ride 
We tagged along with Daddy on a trip to San Antonio.  We got to play while he "worked on the golf course" with some clients.  Water slides. Smores.  A fantastic one night get-away!

A picture mom? Seriously? 

Late night out dinner outside.  Beckett snuggled in my lap and we watched the moon over Texas Hill Country and he says "this might be the best day. Ever."  Such precious times with my family 

And for the Grand Finale this summer.. we had our first sleep over! Our best friends came over for a sleep over.. it was loud. It was crazy but they had the best time ever.  Can you believe no fighting at all.  Only a couple of tears.   They stayed up late. They got up early.  They loved every minute.  These are the moments that make this season's memories.

Pizza party sleepover!

Movies and chocolate chip cookies 


No choice but too swim.. at 7am. 
But both Mommy and the boys favorite part of the summer?? Going to work with me!  Everyday they wake up and say church today?  And I get to say yes 3 days of the week.  They absolutely love it.  All other days we fuss and drag out of the house but not on the days they get to go with me.  I already can't wait for next year! 

They love that they get to dress themselves in whatever on these days 

And they know where all the mints are stashed and the best hiding places 

Thankful for patient coworkers and friends that take time to explain how things work. 
They always ask to go by my office and see my work  
And we love having them drop by 
We certainly filled this summer as full as we could!

I read this quote on Pinterest.. "There shall be an eternal summer in a grateful heart."  Mine is full.

The Riley's 

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