Spring School Fun

It feels like Kindergarten has just flown by us so fast.  (insert mommy sniffles here) The second half of the year has brought fun event after fun event at the boys school.. and fun days off! 

First up was the Sock Hop!  I'm going to tell you.  These boys have moves.  And they LOVED dressing up.  Cannot handle the cuteness!

Look at these sweet moves!!

We got to enjoy a beautiful MLK weekend break and day off school together too.  Parks and ducks.. 

Next up, Valentine's Day parties!  And these little loves helped their moms pick out dinosaur eraser Valentine's for all their friends.  And of course they picked out special Valentine's for their teachers who they adore.

This boy remembered, sounded out, and wrote every single classmate name

My special Valentine necklace the boys picked out

Followed by another unexpected day off of school, President's Day. Beckett had been asking every day "when are we going tot he butterfly museum again mom?" Really. For weeks and weeks.  So today was the day.  The boys have been watching Jurassic Park and the dinosaurs were a highlight too.

Art Show Open House..

And Texas Hoe-Down day to kick off the Houston Rodeo. They practiced for WEEKS on these dance moves.  I loved every minute.  This is how you raise a Texan people.

Dr. Seuss's birthday wasn't long after that.  Each day had a different dress up. Crazy socks, crazy clothes, Cat in the Hat (see picture below) and their favorite on Friday.. Oh the places you will go.  Dress like what you want to be when you grow up!

Beckett wants to be a scientist and Eli wants to be geologist. 

After school fun with Eli's geology kit 

Then we experienced our first Booster Fun Run to raise money for the school. It was MADNESS. They were hilarious trying to get pledges to get prizes and help their class win things like stuffed animal day, pajama day, board game day.  

And then it was Spring Break!  We love our school so much. 

I don't know how it can be that we are less than 8 weeks from Kindergarten graduation!  We really are in the home stretch before summer.  Thankful for their teachers, staff, PTO, and volunteers that work so hard to make learning fun for our kiddos.  It sure makes it easier to get them out of bed in the mornings :-)

Love, The Rileys 

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