Calling All Superheroes!!

On October 25th we celebrated Beckett & Eli's 6th birthday!  This was our first party since we turned 3 so believe me the planning (and excitement) started months in advance! They don't remember their last party at all.  We don't do parties every year for a variety of reasons, so when we do.. we blow it out.  Of course, super hero style! 

I tracked the weather from day 1 of the 10 day report.  Hurricane Patricia was brewing - the largest category 5 ever and everyday closer to the party confirmed.  100% rain for the weekend and 20 mph winds.  

Rain didn't stop this birthday party shopper 

Party City Fun!

Quick trip to TRU 
The boys were devastated to hear there might not be a bounce house and I was devastated that all children would be jammed inside going stir crazy!  What do you do with 40 kids on a rainy day??   I called everywhere an NO ONE had party space for us.  In a moment of desperation I went to the clubhouse and calculate.  If I move the furniture, could I get a bounce house inside?  YOU BET I DID! 
Even Dee Dee enjoyed the bounce house!
Bounce house selfie fun!  

I was SO BLESSED to have Dee Dee come in town to help.  I could not have done it without her.  She's pretty amazing. And a party throwing expert.  

Still smiling through the torrential downpour!  

Thor's Hammers 

Super power spinach 

Captain America's Shield
Y'all.  We have totally amazing complete God sent friends.  

I mean, who has friends that run a cotton candy machine like a carny?  We do! And it was a hit! 

The kids had a great time playing "Diffuse the Bomb".. popping the balloons to get the prizes out.   Here's a little behind the scene action.  1 Alabama game = 75 balloons for the game.

And who knew the dance floor would be so busy!  Watch Me Whip on repeat per request! 

Continuing our yearly tradition they each got to pick our their own cake.  It's a process people.  But we finally narrowed it down. 

Mario for Eli 
Age of Ultron for Beckett 
Each year we sing the song two time. I figure, you have to share a birthday and a birthday party.. why not get your own song?

And the grand finale?? The indoor pinata of course!  It was dangerous going.  Thanks to many great parents for saving quite a few children from a bat in the face.  I can't believe it made it all the way through that line!

Thank you to all our sweet friends that braved the rain to help these boys have a "SUPER BIRTHDAY!"  As Beckett said "it was a dream come true!

Looking forward to waiting a few more years until the next one!


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