A Turkey Day Audible

For Thanksgiving we had planned the first great Riley family campout.   Tent space was rented, all was planned and then.. we checked the weather.  Uh oh.  It got increasingly worse as we got closer and closer to the day until it tipped at 90% chance of rain, freezing temperatures and 20-30 mph wind.  Yep.  No chance we are sleeping in a tent for 3 days in that!  

The boys were devastated to hear when we picked them up from school so we planned a backyard campout to kick off our Thanksgiving break.  Thanks to our sweet neighbors for letting us borrow the tent and sleeping bags!

Once we were all set up we had a great evening of games, smores, and ghost stories which ended with both boys trying to climb in my lap.   We made it all night in the backyard, even through some rain.  The boys slept hard.  Mommy, didn't sleep at all.  I heard every car, siren, motorcycle in the area!  

On Saturday we FaceTimed Poppy & Dee Dee and told them of our cancelled plans.  They graciously said "why don't you come here? We will help you fly!"  Both Justin and the boys had the week off so Justin said, why don't I just drive and see my parents and then meet you at yours?  Well ok!  And just like that we packed their bags and they started driving.

They had a great few days with Gamma and Big Poppa!

But boy I was ready to see these faces on Wednesday when I got there!

What an unexpected blessing to spend time with our families!  

morning coffee with Ma & Dave 

guitar shopping with JB 

kite flying

dirt throwing 


Dee Dee and all her girls! 


Eli got a big one!


Morning cartoons and snuggles 

shooting lessons with Poppy 

Metal detectors  
Walks with this crazy crew 

It takes a lot to get this picture! 
Thanksgiving day was delicious of course!  And our first one with my new brothers and sisters :)

Uncle Colby carving the turkey 

anxious boys 

the spread

Dee Dee and Poppy at "the kids" table 

Real men do dishes. 
And even got to see our very best friends!  

Think alike. Act alike. Dress Alike.  All ways in trouble alike. 

Sweet AK 

My best girl. 

Dance party! 

Ma calling the tunes, Jb playing, everyone singing and dancing
And we celebrated Malachi's birthday..

You never really know what to expect with Uncle Bubba around. He played an awesome joke on the kids.  He dressed as a large hairy Sasquatch and would appear our on the dam.  In the woods.  And the whole time we had spottings.. which was all fun and games until he appeared in the windows the last night.   And almost got attacked by the dog.  Seriously.   We could not stop laughing.  He eventually revealed himself but it was  a great joke!  Beckett and Eli were SO MAD it was really Uncle Bubba. They wanted it to be real because they were going to sell the pictures and become "rich and famous".  Ha!  Good times. 

sasquatch selfies

My heart overflows with gratitude! God is just crazy good isn't He?  

The Riley's 

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