That lucky lady
right there is me.

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I grew up in Alabama; a down-home girl who liked to clog on the weekends! I may have even participated in a pageant or two in my day.

I had all that goodness going for me and yet I never really knew Jesus. So at the ripe old age of 18, I decided that I’d go my own way.

Spoiler alert: I made a big, huge mess of it.

In those days, if you had bet my Momma that I would one day preach the Word of God to thousands of people, she would have taken your bet… and lost the house.

Look at that blonde hair, y’all!

Look at that blonde hair, y’all!

If we could grab a cup of coffee together (or if you have a few minutes to listen one of my sermons) you’d likely hear more about that time in my life. You’d hear about how Jesus showed up and changed it - top to bottom. What God has redeemed and restored in my life is nothing short of a miracle. It’s something I talk about often and it’s a story I never want to stop telling. It all started with a cute boy inviting me to church with him, and me going along reluctantly!

Well, that “cute boy” and I are all grown up now (sometimes we even act like it!) and we live in the 4th largest city in the US, Houston, Texas. Houston is a city of horrible traffic, flooding and rodents. Possums in our garage, raccoons in our backyard and rats in our attic: home sweet home! If it weren’t for the amazing community we’ve found in this concrete desert, we’d have left long ago.

Houston is also the city where our long battle with infertility ended and to our great surprise, we welcomed the cutest twins on the planet into our family - Beckett and Eli.  Not many years after they showed up, I left my corporate ladder-climbing job for full time ministry. I’m currently getting my Masters of Arts in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. I’ve gotten grown accustomed to the raised eyebrows that inevitably follow when I tell my story and I embrace it!

I have a passion for hoodie sweatshirts, non-dairy creamer, books that make me cry and Alabama football.

Can I just say - It’s so nice to meet you!? Pull up a seat, and, oh yeah -

Roll tide!



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