My Little Ballers

This spring the boys played on their first real full season t-ball team in 6U.  The Mariners!  

I can't say they were jumping up and down ecstatic to start but I can say they were faithfully obedient each and every week to try their best.  Even when things were new and hard they never quit. 

Fortunately we have a former pro baseball player that lives in our house that was pretty diligent about working on those swings.  (and in a pinch.. mommy warmed up the bats :-) 

We have been known to put grandparents to work in the outfield when they visit.

So that when our brother is on 3rd, we bring him home.

My absolute favorite part was seeing the joy on their faces when they crossed home plate.  

Dare I say despite the sometimes complaints, they actually were caught having fun??

What's more fun than a baseball team with your twin homies? 

Even though the season wasn't everything we hoped it would be, we could not have been more proud of these two for sticking it out, not quitting, and improving each and every week.  What a better way to end the season than a trophy with blue icing cupcakes?? After all, aren't the snacks the best part of the game??

Love, The Riley's