Looking Back at 2015

2015 was a quite a year for the Riley family.   I spent an amazing 10 days in France on mission with our church.  We loved spending time at our favorite place (the beach) as a family.  And the boys and I took advantage of all that Houston has to offer. 

We certainly had A LOT OF FUN enjoying what I feel like were more carefree days (preschool) but we also had a tough seasons of transition as well.

We said goodbye to my E-Earl  and celebrated his life.  Marking the 4th year in a row we have lost a grandparent.

The reality of the changing of generations, the maturing of my own kids, I felt the weight of truly how quickly time passes.

Justin took a new job in 2015 about the same time as the boys headed off to Kindergarten.  A combination of the two led to a difficult season for me.  I think mainly we had gotten to a comfortable, easy spot of routine and everything was turned upside down.  My big boys were adjusting to the length of kindergarten, the lack of nap, the emotions and feelings that went along, and I faced much of it alone which supporting Justin in his traveling and working full-time.   It took about 3 months for me to get my bearings back.  For all of us to adjust to our new routines and schedules.  I wish I could say that I did it gracefully and always full of joy, but there were many tears shed along the way!

As I made this slide show and looked at all the pictures, all I could think about was God's faithfulness in the last year.  The hundreds of answered prayers just to sustain us through the day.  He grew our faith in countless ways, continues to amaze us with his timing and provision, and I could not love it more getting to serve Him everyday in my job.

Some of the sweetest days with these guys that are growing up right in front of my eyes..

Our annual family slideshow!

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