Spring Break 'Mon'

Life was crazy.  Like really crazy.  Justin started a new job.  Work was super busy for me.  I was battling crazy side effects and in the trenches of the my autoimmune disease and migraines.  Justin said "we need a vacation!"  Part of me was thinking "I cannot even handle the stress of planning a vacation" and the other part was desperately crying out for a vacation.   Fortunately, Justin took the reigns and started cashing in hotel points and frequent flyer miles! Because we were so late in scheduling we just searched Hilton resorts during the week of Spring Break for the amount of points we had and DING.. the winner was 3 nights at the Hilton Rose Hall all inclusive in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  And to my surprise, Southwest had a short direct flight.  Points, miles, and the stars aligned and we booked a trip to Jamaica. 

Vacation!! Beach here we come! 

Mom! We should take a selfie on the way to the airport! 

Little travelers 

worth the trip.. a nap on the bus to the hotel 

Travel weary... 

We made it!!

What should we do??  Beach, pool, and that's about it!

Up and early and staked our claim on this sweet spot every morning

swim up bar was their favorite!  Little one strawberry daiquiri with a knuckles for the bar tender. 

This peaceful site lasted about 15 minutes and Eli was ready to go again!

Hammocks are so relaxing.. unless Dad is pushing!

This little beach bum. 

Grateful for the time to slow down.. pause and enjoy 

See that stomping right now.  He was so mad we had to leave that day. 

His choice for the one souvenir he could get?  A hand carved sword. 

brother got a sword too with his name on it. 

What was more fun?  Building the sand castle or destroying it?

This was our first trip to an All Inclusive.  We had dinner reservations at a different dinner restaurant each night. The boys absolute favorite though? The buffet! They like choosing their food, making countless runs back and forth.  Especially breakfast.  When we would even have special visitors.  One morning Justin and I went to fill our plates and came back.  The lady beside us filled us in on how calm our children were and how well behaved even when the "big white bird" swooped down and to Eli's plate and ate his cheese right off it! 

reading books and waiting on dinner 

Eli's favorite - "chocolate bread" an amazing banana bread that he ate all day every day. 

The Jamaican buffet which started my new love for all things jerk. 

So.. when are moving here?  I could like you know fish and stuff. 

watch out Beckett. 

playing chess while we wait on dinner.  

And it also included non-motorized sports!  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous when we headed out with Justin at the helm.  But what do you know?  He knew how to "sail" this thing!  We saw a huge sea turtle, scuba divers, spear fisherman, huge fish.. the water was incredible colors.  And Eli got the best nap!

And no beach trip is complete without tattoos, of course! Ninja tattoos on their tummies at that. 

While we were there, I spent some time in the glorious spot reading and journaling.

I was reading a Tim Keller book that said this "Creation was the result of one all-powerful God without a rival, who made the world not in a way a warrior wins a battle but more as an artist crafts something of wonder and beauty.  As an artist, he creates for the sheer joy of it."  Surrounded by God's beautiful creation I couldn't help but think of what a precious gift we have been given in his creation.  In the colors of the ocean, the sound of the waves, the mist off the mountains.  The delight on my children's faces to see a crab crawling on the rocks, a sea turtle swim by our boat, and the needlefish around the pier.  To see just a glimpse of His glory, just a small inkling of his majesty.  This time together in this beautiful place, a gift to treasure.  Sweet, salty memories and hearts full of gratitude.


The Riley's