And then.. Kindergarten!

Well. It happened.  My babies went to Kindergarten.  It was touch and go in the week leading up whether or not I was actually going to be able to go through with it.  Not going to lie. One of the hardest things this mommy heart has done.  

The preparation for Back to School started this summer.  I wanted to get them excited about school with some back to school shopping which I loved growing up.  I tend to be quite the school/office supply nerd. I love new notebooks, pens, all the things and I was hoping they would be to.  Not so much.  They SCREAMED with delight over the R2D2 back packs and lunch boxes.  They wanted the exact same.  Sounds and lights.  They could have cared less about glue sticks, scissors, and notebooks.  They were totally over it when they found out they could only get plain notebooks!  We will definitely be doing pre-order school supplies next year.

doesn't one always bring their sword to shop? 

Our next milestone was Meet the Teacher.. which I had been anxiously awaiting all summer.  I was explaining how it would go to the boys and said "first we will go be Beckett's room and then Eli's room" and Beckett said "wait a minute, we won't have the same teacher?"   Uh. No.  After explaining how exciting it will be to have "your own teacher, your own classroom, your own friends, no Eli bosses you around" he was fully on board!  

I've been praying for these teachers daily since registration.  I had the sweetest conversation with Beckett that morning.  "What are you doing?" Well.  I'm praying for your teachers. "Who? What's her name? What color hair does she have?" Well buddy. I don't know yet. "Then how momma can you pray for someone when you don't even know their name?" Well sweet buddy, the best part is I don't have to know because God does and we trust that He has the perfect teacher planned for you.

Beckett and his teacher (Eli was too shy with his new teacher) 

Back to School weekend at church was a big one for us!  A huge event for my amazing team..

And Kindergarten promotion for these two!

And then just like that I was putting them to bed before their first day of school.  

And then the alarm went off for the first time, they got themselves up and we were off.  One small glitch.  Eli decided he liked Beckett's clothes better. Beckett wouldn't trade.  Eli decided to choose something else.  Even though they weren't coordinated I did not make a big deal about it.. see.. Letting go :-)

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When the bell rang and the doors opened all the teachers were singing and dancing which was really fun!  They were nervous but so brave.

And then there was mommy in the car crying. And crying. And crying.  Yep.  And then Tuesday. Crying. and more crying.  Right after we dropped them off Justin got on a plane and left me to handle it all week! 

He was back on Friday though so we went to eat lunch with our buddies!

And after a hard 1st week we celebrated with our best friends.. Oh yeah. These 4 parents survived sending their twins to Kinder!

This school thing totally threw off everything about our routine, our wake up time, the morning craziness, the length of the day, the homework, whew.   Justin's new job has him traveling every week so it's been a hard adjustment for me.

God has been working on me through all of this.  Revealing those areas where I need to trust him more.  Fears.  And how hard transitions can really be for me.  I love routine.  I crave consistency.  And it's taken really a month for all of that to fall into place although our new normal is pretty exhausting!  

They are thriving in separate classes.  They love their morning checklist and complete this pretty much on their own (with me keeping an eye on the time)

I'm so proud of the way they have adjusted and how well they are doing.  Homework is a challenge and "studying" for their little test is quite hilarious in the car, at bedtime, etc.  Reading is probably the hardest part of the homework each day.    Both teachers are very different but they could not be more perfect for each of our kiddos.  Such a great match! 

Mommy milestone's are hard... but school is going great. Only 242 more days until summer break!  Ha!


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