Luann received a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Alabama. From a store manager at Babies “R” Us to Distribution Manager at Target to Vice President and Branch Manager at Wells Fargo, she’s been leading teams for 20 years. She learned from some of the best leadership training programs in the country and six years ago God called her to use that experience in her local church.

Luann combined her education in business school and corporate leadership training with a passion for the gospel and found her calling.  Over the next five years, Luann grew to lead five ministries, a staff of twelve and raised hundreds of leaders and volunteers. She trained more than 75 churches and pastors on how to transform their ministries through intentional relationships to multiply disciples and leaders. She was the first female member of her church’s preaching team and is passionate about value of women and minorities in leadership and in the pulpit.  


Dialogue over Direction

One of Luann’s favorite leadership tools is a feature called “Postscript” at her home church. At any point during the sermon, people watching in person or online can text a phone number (shown both on-screen and printed in the bulletin) with questions. This turns a sermon into a conversation! That’s a huge step towards making an idea or a concept ‘stick’! It’s also a fantastic way to lead people into a deeper understanding of Biblical issues. Luann has been both the frequent host of postscript and the featured preacher. So check out “Post Script” and drop Luann a line with your thoughts and questions!