Doves, Badgers, Great Wolf, and a Birthday

Back to school brought two exciting season to the Riley house - hunting & football! 

 Dove season came in week 2 of school and this year Daddy meant his boys were going with him.   They even got to check out of school a little early to head to the fields.   Up early and dressed themselves... ready for a hunt!

Mean faces. Check. 

Set up in the field with Dad.. with LOTS of snacks.

And if that wasn't exciting enough, the next day our crew from Alabama started rolling in.   We love that Bama has been playing at the Dallas stadium!  Ma, Dave, and JB came to Houston first to spend a couple of days with us.

Loved seeing these two headed our way!

checking the car for surprises 

Big hugs "you are the best Ma a kid could have" 

and Friday lunch at school!  
The adults even spent a night out on the town for dinner and a band at Main Street Crossing... well part of it. We are old and tired and ended up home early! (Oh.. and she brought me a selfie stick. Which I put to good use!)

The next morning we (and the selfie stick) were back in action and rolling north at 6am!

every road trip needs a Bucees stop!

Our first stop was to meet up with Poppy & Dee Dee at Grapevine Mills mall for lunch and playing until our hotel rooms were ready.

And boy did we play!  Check out these ride on electric huge stuffed animals.  So. Much. Fun.

And we came home with hermit crabs.  Meet Spider Crab and Kroc Krab. 

A quick check at the hotel and we were off to the game time! Time to beat the Badgers!! 


Mom and I rocking our matching Bama shirts! 

Not sure who enjoyed this more! 
And Bama Wins!! 

The next morning came way to soon and we said goodbye to all the family headed back to Bama.   The boys loved soaking up every minute at the Great Wolf Lodge again.  At breakfast the last morning, Beckett said "can we just live here with Poppy, Dee Dee, Ma, Dave, and Bubba?"  Wouldn't that be fun!   

A little wolf cub nap 

Lots of arcade time 
The boys loved the water slides this year and we rocked them as a family... I loved being present and spending a whole day without my phone but I sure miss the pictures!

We closed out September with a very special birthday in the family... Daddy!  

birthday biscuits on his big day 
celebrating out with friends! 

That's a wrap on a great birthday!
Love to all our family for making September so much fun! (PS. We are ready to do it again.)

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