Wrapping Up Birthday Week

The most exhausting fun part of the boy's birthday falling on October 29th is the fun happens all week!  We rolled right from their party to a week of fall festivals and Halloween craziness.

Happy Birthday Monkies! 
The boys woke up to a few surprises from Mom & Dad and a breakfast birthday celebration.

I even got to have lunch with my birthday boys at school! 

Their school does a birthday library book presentation.  Dee Dee and I were able to go to the library and purchase a book for each of them to receive on their birthday.  They get to be the first kiddo to check it out.   They both felt so special and have not stopped talking about it.  Love that Beckett's teacher sent me a picture.

And they could not wait for their school family fun night!  

It was such a long week with the birthday party that this kid was asleep at 6:30 on Friday night!

Saturday brought Halloween, rain, and Gamma & Big Poppa.  They were able to join us for the fun.  The boys could not have been more excited about Halloween.  The costume decision was a tough one.  I love that they finally agreed this year!  This is the first time since they were 1 that they wanted to do a duo.  And what a duo they are!  Mario and Luigi! 

Hands down their favorite parts?  The inflatable bellies! 

This year we joined our neighbors for pizza and frito pies before heading out to gather all the candy. Look at all these cute kiddos!  

October is a full and crazy month here but THE. MOST. FUN.  That's a wrap on birthday month!

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