A Super Mega Rockstar "Birthday"

A couple of weeks before Dee Dee was to arrive I get a text "I can't come back in October and I don't want to miss their birthday.  Can I give them a party when I come. What about finding a place and ordering a cake?"  So I ask the boys "where would you like to have an early birthday party?"  And without a doubt I already knew what they would say "CHUCK E CHEESE!" 

And boy did they get a party.. The Super Mega Rockstar Package.  I think they had just as much fun planning it.  We went cake shopping and party supply shopping.  We invited our friends and we were blessed it worked out that their 6 favorite friends could make it.. on a Monday!  Thanks to the Mommy's and Daddy's that took their lunch break for the party.   And finally the big day came..

Daddy was so excited too :-) 

So much fun with our friends!

The Galloways
Games with Dee Dee 

Dance Party 

Birthday boys with "the mommies"

Tatum the only girl 



Brady and his Mom Khara 
After a lot of games it was time for pizza and "the show".

these two are so scared of Chuck E they hid to watch!
And then cake time!  The boys each chose their own cake.  They already share a birthday so we've always done two cakes.. and two rounds of "happy birthday".  Each getting their own moment of glory to blow out the candles.  Beckett chose a strawberry Transformer cake & Eli chose a vanilla dinosaur cake from HEB.  Both chose transformer candles at the party store. 

Mommy and Daddy with their precious "birthday" boy Beckett 

Mommy and Daddy with their precious "birthday boy" Eli 

You would think the fun would be over but nope.  Ticket blaster and pinata were still to come.  My sweet boy Beckett was so excited about the ticket blaster.  Chuck E Cheese is a sponsor of their favorite show on PBS, Wild Kratts.  The commercial comes on before every episode showing the kids in the ticket blaster and he gets really excited.  He loved it until they turned it on!  And it was blowing so loud and hard it scared him, so out he came. 

Eli had no problem though!  And even snagged a 1000 ticket certificate which they doubled for the birthday boys.

The pinata was appropriately shaped like a guitar and had a pull string.  It was full of tickets and tokens!  

They got a crazy amount of tickets from the day and loved trading those in on prizes.  Whew.  A crazy 2.5 hours full of shrieks, screams, and giggles.  No wonder these 2 were exhausted :-)

We could have such special memories or such a great day without the help of our friends and our Dee Dee.  You guys are the rock stars!  At one point in the party, Beckett ran up to me grinning from ear to ear, threw his arms around me, and said "Mommy!  All my dreams have come true!"  One of the party goers told their mom "this was the best day of my life".  To Dee Dee, you are loved and so much fun.  Thank you for the party "of their dreams!"

Party people!  (Minus the 2 scared of Chuck E)

The Riley's
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