Another Sweet Summer

So I haven't blogged very much this summer.. a combination of too much fun and too little time mixed with a healthy dose of exhaustion! I just celebrated one year on staff at our church and even though it brought major changes to our lives, God has given me a front row seat to see him in action in so many ways and every day is a privilege to serve.  My first summer back at work full time was crazy busy but we made time for plenty of fun! 

The boys went to summer camp at their school Monday through Thursday each week.  Each week had a different theme and the teachers made it so much fun!  

Pirate Camp

Science Camp
The boys were blessed to be part of the amazing VBS at our church this summer.  Love these "weird animals!" 

This is the first year with a pool and we took full advantage of it.  Late night swims, early morning swims, swims, with our friends and of course for the boys.. skinny dipping!

We had a great time enjoying friends this summer too.  Pool parties, lake days, and even some mid week late night hanging out. We took full advantage of the long days!

lunch at the lake 

Fun friends!

Tubing with friends

And Friday's continue to be "our favorite day".  We took the summer off of gymnastics and loved having a free day!  We had some serious summer Friday fun.

Planes Fire & Rescue 

Little Beakers Lab 
Loved experiments

Library days!

A little shopping 
The zoo! 

And sometimes we just had fun at home!

designing lego minis 
one of our many creations 
dress up 

playing with our little turtle  
playroom fun 

making bouncy balls 

playing games

fizzy dinosaur fun 
playing marbles 

making angry bird pizza 
The summer brought special visitors too!  Our best friends for the 4th of July and then family headed in.  Big Poppa & Gamma were our first visitors.  

A special cousin visit too!  The boy's favorite cousin Hadley (who is only a week older) and one of her baby sisters visited with their mom from Arkansas.  Hadley spent the night with us and they had such a fun cousin sleepover! 

Poppy and GG were next!  They flew in and spent a fun, action packed weekend with us..

For her birthday, GG got One Direction tickets and chose to go with me!  I had some serious work to do, but so glad I crammed and learned songs before the concert.  We sang, danced, laughed, and giggled at the cuteness of the boys bands!  Can't believe the tiny little girl that stole my heart has grown up so fast.  She definitely keeps me young!

Sadness in saying goodbye to Poppy and GG was quickly forgotten when Dee Dee arrived on Sunday night!  The boys were out of school for a week and they got to spend the week with their Dee Dee.   Another blog post coming on her fun surprise for the boys!

A year ago Labor Day weekend, my brother JB & his wife Madison came and helped us move into our new house.  After that experience, I can't believe they came back again this year :-) At least this year they got to enjoy themselves! 

Whew.  What a summer!  The family visits are over and the first day of school is on the horizon.  While the summer brought sweet sweet memories, I know there are many adventures to be had this fall.  We are grateful for all our friends and family for making us feel very loved and creating the best memories! 

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