No More Monkeys

We recently promoted classes in our Kid's Ministry at church!  The boys moved from Monkey's to Elephants the Sunday that their cousin Hadley visited.  And boy do they love being Elephants.. is usually the first thing they tell people when they see them!

When we moved last year, we also moved schools.  I had a not so sunny and rosy experience at a couple of different schools so I was anxious and nervous about moving them.  I had just gone back to work and literally was in tears at work over looking for a new school.  We prayed and then I took an afternoon off to tour all the schools in our new side of town.  The last school I went to was a little church school recommended by one of my friends from Wells Fargo.  I immediately felt peace and so much love for God & the kiddos from the teachers all the way to the administrator.  I crossed my fingers because the school year had already started and most places had a waiting list.  I asked "do you have room for 2?"  and she checked the computer and said "I actually have exactly 2 spots in the Monkey room!"  I knew this was an answer to prayer.  The boys had a fantastic year in the Monkey room with Miss Jackie & Miss Summer.  

And now at school, we said goodbye to the Monkey class and hello to a new school year.  Wouldn't you know that after years of dressing them different intentionally, they both wanted to wear the same shirt?? 4 Kohls' later, I still couldn't find one for Eli so I just had to find an alternate.  It worked!  They were both happy in their green T-rex shirts.

At their end of the year parent/teacher conference Miss Jackie discussed separating them for the next year.   Eli tends to be the dominant of the two and has lots of opinions about Beckett's work.  Beckett is the jealous type and doesn't want to play with anyone else except Eli.  He gets a little mad when Eli chooses other friends.  Ms Summer from the Monkey class was moving up to teach the new Zebra 4 year old class so Beckett stayed with her.  Eli got an awesome new teacher Miss Michelle.  

I prayed and laid awake the night before thinking through drop off and how that would be.  How would Beckett adjust?  But wouldn't you know.. they are so PROUD to be in separate classes!  Eli put his stuff up went right in to his new big boy desk and Beckett was already off looking for his class next door.

After school the first day, we got froyo to celebrate the debrief the first day.  How was it?  Awesome.  They both talked and talked about all the different things they did that day!

And wouldn't you know play together so much better in the afternoons when we get home.  I love hearing how Eli "spies" on Beckett during the day.  Beckett is blossoming and growing and becoming even more independent.  Just another milestone in growing up.  Now the hard part is on me!  Homework, projects, and more x 2!

I'm not even thinking about how this is the last year before kindergarten... or crying. Well. Maybe a little.  Looking forward to a fun last year of Pre-K!  One day at the time.

Love, The Riley's 

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