Aren't Grandparents So Much Fun?

I am so grateful that during the time that Eli got his cast and again during the boys Spring Break my mom and dad were able to work it out to send Dee Dee to stay with us.  The boys were ecstatic of course and life around here is just so much more fun and easy with Dee Dee around.

The Friday after the arm break, Dee Dee and I were trying to think of somewhere we could take the boys that fit in Eli's restrictions.  The boys have not been to the Space Center since we moved here so we loaded up and headed down to visit the NASA Space and Rocket center.  

The boys loved climbing inside all of the different space shuttles.  Every time we would get out of one Beckett would say "Whew. It's good to be home!"

Heading into "Space" in the simulator  

Tram ride to mission control 
The boys were not quite as impressed with all the "boring" parts that Dee Dee and I loved. Like the original mission control.  So cool.  The vintage computers, the phones.  The ashtrays at every station! Apollo 13 was controlled from this room.  A slice of really awesome history. 

 But we finished strong and they loved the Saturn space rockets.  

Every year Dee Dee and I have taken the boys to the Rodeo.  And every year they love it more.  We left early to get in all the livestock and carnival fun we could stand.  

Thanks to my neighbor for this awesome stroller 

Yeah for the RODEO!!! 
First we hit up the livestock show and exhibits.  

Can we have these for Christmas?? 

loved watching baby chicks breaking out of their shells 

my one handed cowboy 

consulting the map

And without exception the crazy animals LOVE Dee Dee!  Last year they cornered her and pinned her up against the side.  This time she had quite the caravan following her all over.  This is always the best laughs and my favorite part. 

brushing the animals 

Dee Dee and her friends 

Hey! Get out of there deer! 
After the animals it was time to "ride the rides" and hit the carnival.  There were so many rides they were tall enough for this year.  I had to go to a special information booth and sign a waiver for Eli.  He was not going to be sitting this one out.  

loved these bouncing 4 wheelers 

very first house of mirrors and they both made it out!

Monster trucks with Dee Dee 

very first turn on the bumper cars. Beckett LOVED it 

these race cars were a hit! Rode this several time 

That's a happy face! 

And their favorite!  Rode this guy 4 times!!

always wanted the very front car 

the squeals were amazing! 
Besides Dee Dee, we also got a visit from Poppy.  He and my sister came out for a few days of spring break.  I got to spend a lot of fun time with my sister.  We shopped for pageant gowns and went to the Bayou City Art Festival. 

Heading out for shopping fun with my beautiful sister!
Food trucks! 

Gouda and Bacon Jam.... I DIE 

Justin tagged along with us
And Poppy had plenty of fun with his buddies.  It was the first weekend Eli had his cast off!

We also had an awesome visit with Gamma and Big Poppa. Only a few pictures from this one because Mommy was working or we were getting a much needed break. Mommy and Daddy go to spend a day together and eat lunch at an amazing not kid friendly restaurant and hang out as long as we wanted too.  Now that is grandparent fun :-)   They had such a fun trip to pick strawberries, go fishing, and have lunch at the local airport diner. They even made the boys favorite dinner.  Roasted hot dogs and marshmallows on the fire pit!

Could two little boys be loved anymore?  We absolutely love when our guest room is full of our favorite people!  Memory making with your grandparents and aunt is the best.  Hmm.. I think we are ready for another round!  

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