Hippity Hoppity

The boys and I had lots of fun in the weeks leading up to Easter.  

My bunnies love shopping at Target! 
They are both huge fans a Pinterest and love to look at boards on the Ipad.  As they were scrolling through my Easter one they found a DIY for jello eggs.  I thought why not?  They don't really even eat jello but they did look fun.  The hardest part was finding plastic eggs that didn't have holes in both sides.  Then creating a hole to fill with jello.  First a little tap with the nail, then drilled the hole.

Eli sprayed so they wouldn't stick 

Then we used a syringe from the pharmacy to fill 

The boys loved squeezing the jello in 

That's all I had in me!  
We refrigerated for at least a day and then viola!  Jello eggs :-)

The weekend before Easter our Chik Fil A "by our new house" has breakfast with Easter Bunny.  Dad was out of town so the boys and I headed up for a breakfast date.  They were so excited when the bunny & egg arrived.  Well until we got close.  Then they both got super shy.  The bunny still got high fives and they did a little dancing while we were there.  They wanted nothing to do with the Easter choices for face painting.  Spiderman and Batman won out of course. 

Happy Easter!  

We also had lots of fun making "resurrection rolls" as our special treat for our egg dying.   We talked about the marshmallow being the body of Jesus, anointing the body with oil (butter) and wrapping it in the clothes.  I put them in the oven and when they came out they were empty!  I told the boys "Jesus has risen!" The marshmallow has risen!" Eli rolled his eyes and said "It just melted mom." Geez.  Little smarty pants :-)

Resurrection rolls 
Again this year the boys loved dying eggs.  Love is the not strong enough word. Obsessed.  And have asked every day since to do it again. I wish there were more pictures.  The mess was out of control and I quickly realized that to save my table, floor, and surfaces in my kitchen from being permanent Easter colors that it meant all hands on deck. Whew.  Once a year is enough for me!

We also had a fun bunny breakfast for dinner one night!

We finished up the week with an Easter egg hunt at the boys school.  The playground was covered in eggs! I love seeing them in their environment with their friends.  Just hanging around having little 4 year old people conversations.  Adorable.  

egg hunting day!!

waiting wiht our friends 

welcome to the monkey class! 

they decorated bags 

having conversation about the decorations on the bags 

these group was funny!

look mom! 

Beckett spotted one in the tree and got a lift 

my loot 

could he be sweeter? 

Checking out brother's finds 

a tiny little person egg convo on the playground 

My precious boys!
What fun we had celebrating the season! Hippity hoppity Easter's on the way!  

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