6 Long Itchy Weeks

It started simply enough.  A couple of days after Valentine's Day.  Justin was in California and the boys and I were just finishing up the last of our nighttime cartoons. They were being silly.  Running and bouncing on the couch, tickling and wrestling.  Eli jumps on top of Beckett and he pushed him off on the floor.  I heard a bump noise that I thought was hit head or arm hitting the coffee table but then Eli began screaming in a way I have never heard in my life.  I ran over thinking it was his head but when I saw the way his left arm was flopping I knew instantly it was broken.  You know through all their falls, scuffs, boo boos, and hurts I have always wondered.. will I know if it's really hurt? really broken? or serious?  And instantly I knew.  Just from the scream I knew something was different.  

I threw clothes on me, clothes on him (no shoes), and began to try and think through a plan.  I called my next door neighbor and said "Can you please come get Beckett?  Eli's arm is broken?
 She didn't even answer.  She was instantly at the door.   Helps that she is also a nurse at an ortho. One look and she said "oh yeah. It's broken". 

I put Eli in his seat and he was holding his arm and screaming. I mean screaming.  Like the most gut wrenching, horrifying screaming.  Mommy! Make it stop. Mommy it hurts so much. Both of us tears streaming down our face in what had to be the longest drive to the ER in history.  

Fortunately we had a great experience at the ER.  We went to the small ER that Margaret's ortho is part of.   After some pain medicine Eli began to calm down.  He got a splint which was actually very painful for sleeping that night.  

It was a long night.  Not only was Justin not home but maybe sensing something was wrong Beckett cried all night as well.  Eli was so uncomfortable and the wrap under the splint had tiny little spiky parts that were digging into his finger.  I literally did not sleep at all that night.  I prayed over him. I prayed over Beckett. I cried when I couldn't get Eli to stop screaming and crying about the pain in his arm.  Helpless.

And then the morning finally came and God orchestrated angels in my life.  Margaret our neighbor was able to get my the first appointment early at the ortho.  My sweet neighbor Kelly picked up Beckett and took him to and from school.  My mom got in the car and started driving from Alabama.

The ortho appointment was tough.  My guy was still in a lot of pain and setting the cast was miserable for him.  

setting the cast 
He was so brave.  And was rewarded to a trip to the "toy store" Target of course.

When we got out of the car at home, I walked inside and realized he wasn't behind me.  He had stopped in the yard.  He walked up to the door and handed me a tiny little yellow flower and said "Mommy. This is for you.  Thank you for taking care of me." 

Beckett said "I know what will make you feel all better.  Pingy!"

Look at those swollen fingers
The first 48 hours with the swollen fingers were the worst.  The worst.  Horror stories of the swelling so much that we would have to go back and have it cut off and recasted were the only thing that gave me strength to hold him down and move those fingers in all angles while he screamed at me.  

By that night Dee Dee was there!  Whew.  It was good to have some back up.

at Starbucks with Dee Dee 

Beckett got some sugar too 

And the first set of smiles!! 

Our prayer ministry coordinator at sent home this prayer blanket for Eli.  Even now he uses it to wrap up his stuffed animals that are hurt. 

And so began a long 6 weeks of baths with bags on our arms, calcium supplements, the word "no and not much longer buddy"  but mainly.. itching!

Eli didn't let it slow him down as I am sure you will see many posts coming up.  He was a trooper.   He had to sit out gymnastics and will be released this week!  Also his sports class he had to sit out.  No pools, playgrounds, jump gyms or bike riding.  All the things this little active guy loves to do.  

He did love his cast covers though! And Beckett loved to wear his too.

who needs pants when you have a cool cast?  

But we made it.  And the glorious day of March 28th arrived.  I held my breath during the xray praying they wouldn't say we needed  new cast.  He was a very brave boy during the cast saw. 

brother did not like the noise

His sweet little arm 
He was afraid at first.  The first couple of days he held it bent just like it was in the cast.  It was sensitive and itchy.  Very fragile with many broken places. The ortho said not to push him he would use it when he was ready and sure enough by Saturday night he was back in full force using his arm again.  About a week later, the itchy went away.

And so here we are.  This week the first week back in action in all ways again.  He was much braver with cast on and has been surprisingly timid for his wild nature at times with his arm.  He is back playing baseball with dad and loving being able to swim!  

God's incredible design that a little body can heal so quickly and so perfectly.  We are grateful for the prayers and help from so many people in our lives.  I'm hoping this is a childhood milestone we won't have to repeat!

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