Visitors, Room 4265, a Turducken, and 2 losses

Thanksgiving holidays started off normal enough.  Friday morning, the boys and I attended their Thanksgiving "feast" at school.  Eli was so excited to go!  He told me about every detail all week and all that the teachers were preparing for.  They both helped me pick out our donations.  The morning of, however, Beckett decided he had rather stay home and what else, what the Chipmunks (the latest obsession).  Needless to say, he was going.  He was was unhappy turkey!

Eli was so excited though!  He loved the potatoes the most and shocked me by eating all of his salad too.

And of course we couldn't leave until we had a picture with Eli's friends.  That happen to be girls.  And are obsessed my little man.  Meet Maddie and Emily.  

That afternoon the Riley's arrived and we had such a great visit.  The boys went to gymnastics on Saturday and I got to have a little time to start Christmas shopping and get my hair cut. 

That night we had my favorite Pioneer Woman Corn Chowder with Chilies (seriously so good) and Eli helped his daddy make yummy skillet cornbread.

On Sunday morning around 4:00am Justin woke up with severe stomach pain.  Cramping.  Sharp pains.  Beckett and I had both had the stomach bug the week before so we were thinking he had that.  He went to the couch.  When I got up it hadn't gotten any better so he started thinking constipation and treated for that.  He did suck it up long enough to bring his parents and the kids to church.  He told everyone he saw, not to shake his hand because he thought he was getting the stomach flu!  After church he took a long nap (we all did) and when he woke up, he decided he definitely had the flue.  Achy all over. Exhausted. Flu feeling with stomach pain.  Since it was late Sunday afternoon, he decided to use a web service through his company.  The on-call doctor said "go to the ER".  Justin went to an urgent care.  X-rays, exam.  "go to the emergeny room".  They both thought it was his appendix.  Did he go?  No.  He came home and said he would wait to see his family doctor the next day.  Don't think so buddy.  After much debate (on his part). I said "get in the car.  we are going to the emergency room."

4 hours and a CT Scan later we got confirmation that it was in fact his appendix.  Justin asks "so I go home and come back in the morning for surgery?" Ha!  The doctor looked at him and said, "buddy we are getting your room ready right now and as soon as we can get a surgeon here we will take you in."  Off we went to make Room 4265 our home for a few days.  Around 5:30am they took him back and by 7:30 am he was in recovery.  By 9:00am he was in the room.  He did great.  Surgery was nice and clean.  He had a lot of pain the first 12 hours but surprisingly was a good patient.  On Monday afternoon, his 2 favorite "little helpers" came by to help him feel better.

This seek people food is pretty good 
And Justin and I finally got an overnight date night!  Nothing like shacking up at the hospital :-)

In sickness and in health
By mid Tuesday morning we were on our way home!  I have to tell you that the Lord's provisions and timing were clearly on display.  The fact that we did not make plans to go out town for Thanksgiving and for family to come here.  So grateful for Gamma and Big Poppa for taking such great care of the boys, the house, and the doggies so Justin could just handle getting well!  My brother and his wife arrived Tuesday night!  

While I went to work for awhile on Wednesday, Uncle Bubba and Aunt Madison took the boys to Chucky Cheese for the morning. Then we did something we have never done!  Picked up our pre-ordered all prepared Thanksgiving feast.  Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you just buy lemonade!

Or have a sweet family that sends Edible Arrangements :-)

And flowers.  So pretty on our table for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving day was just as it should be.  The ENTIRE day in our pajamas.  Or mine and the boys anyway.  I think everyone else got dressed at some point.  

We had very little prep that morning.  Ma's dressing had to be cooked, the turducken basted and roasted, and the prepared sides heated up.  

the sides 

Helping with the early morning basting 
Then it was "feast" times as the boys like to call it.  

out of bed in time to carve the turducken!

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Even used paper.  How about that for simplifying things

Ma's famous dressing

My little head of the table. LOVED thanksgiving 
This guy did not want to participate.  Instead he provided entertainment by stripping naked and playing peek a boo on the stairs.

After the required family Thanksgiving nap, we went out of the house around the neighborhood on the golf cart.. and took advantage of the course being closed to run amok on the greens!

Little man loved playing with Aunt Madison 

putting contest 

racing Uncle Bubba

The COOLEST aunt and uncle 

Closest to the hole??

Love these two!
The day after Thanksgiving Justin was going crazy from cabin fever so we made a plan to see the movie Frozen.  After 2 sold out theaters, several meltdowns, we finally got Plan c in order.  While we waited we hit up The Woodlands and our favorite pizza place.

Hubble and Hudson lego candy

The Woodlands Water Way 


Checking out the ice skaters 

could not take eyes of the popcorn!
Early Saturday morning, we took Uncle Bubba and Aunt Madison to the airport and prepared for what we thought was going to be a great win to a Thanksgiving weekend.  The Iron Bowl!  Our next stop on the way to the SEC Championship and Pasadena.  Before the game we were feeling pretty nervous.  But still having fun!

Well, apparently Auburn had other plans. Looks like Justin's appendix wasn't the only thing we lost this holiday! you know... I think this picture says it all!

By the next day, Justin had the kids back at church. What a trooper.  And what a Thanksgiving!  No matter what our circumstance, we give thanks to our God for He is good!  

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