Favorite Fall Times

 The holidays are upon us.. already!  I was looking back through pictures today and realized I have so many fun fall memories to document and share.  This season has been good to us.  We are finally settling in and adjusting to a new routine of school and work.  I have had to be intentional about making sure that life doesn't get too busy to stop and smell the roses.   It's been a challenge and a balance.  I do miss all of the fun we had and planning out activities for each day, but they are thriving at school and I love my job!  It's not better or worse.. just different.   I find that I can really get caught up in working all day, picking them up, getting dinner, doing chores, bed, and bath time and feel I missed "real" time with each of them.

The boys love our new remote control fireplace.  They call it their campfire.  It is really awesome that we are actually having real weather to use it.   We have had some pretty awesome evenings in front of it having "camp outs".  They have finally developed a love for hot chocolate!  

hot chocolate by the fire

warming our piggies after a long day 
breakfast picnic by the fire
I have to admit, I am loving that we are having real fall weather.  We are actually getting to wear real hats & jackets.  And loving it!

One day cold day I was really missing my cuties.  I picked them up from school and decided we would head to the neighborhood lake to spend a little time before dinner.  It was gorgeous.  Such a simple sweet afternoon and a reminder that these are the best days.  

We even took a road trip in November.  I know I have blogged about our best friends The Cullens and they have a new addition to their casa.  It took me 12 weeks to get to Austin to meet baby Clover!  It was the first time I had been to visit with the boys by myself.  My amigos.  On the road again.

ready to head out 

picked my a flower at one of our pit stops 

enjoying the left over fun from Nash's recent birthday 

so much help getting Baby Clover to smile for the picture 

entertaining sweet girl while mommy put Nash down for bed

late night shenanigans

sweet friends headed to their local play gym Localmotion

yummy and fun donut breakfast with our friends

lunch and great conversation with my buddies before heading home
Fall included lots of football fun!  Some highs and some lows for sure as we pulled for our teams.

LSU game!

clearly a relaxed fan 

fun with friends before the big disappointment 

Pretty awesome to have best twin friends that say ROLL TIDE too!

consoling mom after the big loss
And of course we had lots of time for just plain old fashioned fun and silliness!

Boots to church 

Popcorn as a hat and brownies 

Silly Sunday morning pictures

Ninjas and hot tub time 

upside down penguin naps 

bike rides with my best friend 

Crafting fun! 
Work, fun, surprises, good food, great football, big games, one loss, yucky sickness, huge blessings, birthdays, family, friends, lots of love.. and most importantly.  Great memories!

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