Getting Ready for Our Favorite Day

With Daddy out of commission over Thanksgiving, we had to put Uncle Bubba and Madison on the decoration committee.  I have to tell you that they were troopers.  Not a single complaint that they literally just put these boxes in the attic 2 months ago when they helped us move!

The boys got an upgraded tree this year!  They have a little 3 foot tree since they were born.  I got a great deal on the tree they picked out a Walmart.  Of course they picked white with multi color lights.  They both were obsessed with decorating it.  I asked them to wait a minute while I went downstairs and checked something.  When I got back, they had the bags open, ornaments unrolled, hangers out and were busy bees!  I asked them if Uncle Bubba helped them and of course they said as any 4 year old would "Nope.  I did it myself!" 

And when you have twins, the star goes on twice!  Only fair :-)

The Sunday after Thanksgiving was December 1st.  I was in the shower when it occurred to me.  Wait.  It's the first day of Advent. It's the day we usually do a North pole breakfast.  With everything going on I hadn't even thought about it.  I was wracking my brain to try and come up with something we already had.  I think my waffle snowmen worked great!  Their favorite part was the fruit roll up scarves.  Our Christmas angel returned with a surprise for this year.  A lego advent calendar!  She also brought back our favorite Nativity Advent as well. 

At church the boys were able to pick out a family or person to give to this year.  Eli chose a kids stocking to fill, Beckett wanted a racoon - an elderly in the nursing home, and I chose a Sparrow rescued from sex trafficking.  

Even Dad gets in the Advent action.  "Behold Mary! I bring your good news of great joy!"  And I asked " wait.  Are you Gabriel or a shepherd?"  He had no idea.  Close enough.  The boys loved it!

We made our 2nd annual Snowman pizza and Christmas movie night when Justin was out of town for work.  Still a huge hit!

And Dee Dee & Poppy sent us the sweetest surprise package.  I have heard the Christmas song from Alvin and The Chipmunks a hundred time.  And they loved the refrigerator nativity.

What Christmas could possibly be complete without a trip to see the "yights!"  We made our first ever road trip to Santa's Wonderland with our neighbors. 4 adults. 4 kids. 1 car.  Craziness and quite possibly the loudest car ride I have ever been in!  It was the 30's and it was crowded but what Christmas tradition isn't?

Road trip. 3rd row. My and my cuties

Ei and Hudson 

We are here! 

Could she have taken a worse picture?  Hudson is missing! 
The first thing we accomplished when we got there was the hayride through the lights.  It was only getting colder and more crowded.  

When we go the hayride the boys got so excited.  Beckett was saying "Merry Christmas Mommy! Merry Christmas Daddy!" It really was the heart of a Christmas memory.  Kettle corn, snuggly blankets, hayride, Christmas music, lights.  The moment that made it all worth it?  We get to the end and we enter into a soft lit tunnel.  The music gets slow (I think Away in A Manger), it's quiet.  We get to the part with the nativity and the angels.  Beckett looks at me with shiny eyes and says "Mommy. It's so beautiful I think I'm gonna cry!".  

the Alamo

Airplane was a favorite

The Owrey's 

Our precious family
When we got off, the lines were crazy!  We had some hot chocolate and made a decision to exit the craziness.  The main attraction was accomplished.  It was such a great time with neighbors and a fun Christmas memory. 

And can you believe we had the last day of school today?  The boys loved wearing their pj's for Polar Express day!

Almost every day I hear two things.  "Christmas is our favorite day!" and "It's so hard to wait for Christmas"  repeat and repeat.  The boys have had such a great time counting down the days.  Well.  They have had fun a long the way but really mom. HOW MANY MORE DAYS!!

The Riley's 

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