Fall School Pictures 2013

Do you ever really expect much from school pictures?  Well, you surely didn't when I was growing up.  However, I was beyond happy and totally in love with this years fall pictures!  So much so that between Dee Dee and I pictures purchases I was able to get the disk.  I love that they captured so many of their expressions and faces.  I would have loved to spy on the photographers to see what they did to get all my FAVORITE sweet faces.  I could eat them off. Just saying.  There is sugar dripping all over them :-) They are almost 1 week shy of turning 4 in these pictures. 

My Beckett.  Could he be any sweeter?  And yummier? Those cheeks, that hair, those eyes.  

my all time favorite

such a cute little pumpkin 

Eli had a string of precious faces.  Silly faces, funny faces, big smiles, but most of all .. I'm and imp and full of joy and love of life faces.  He is a stinker.  My favorite stinker.

Big smile with the crinkle under his eye

when he looks up at me like that ... I melt. 

My all time favorite.  probably the look I see most on a daily basis 

Doesn't he look so big sitting up there?
And they captured so well their hilarious antics with each other and special relationship.  They think each other is the funniest, coolest, and silliest.  Me too :-)


Eli must have said something funny 

These two.  Love love. 


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