It's our BIRTHDAY!

The first words out of those sweet boys when they woke up last Tuesday, October 29th.. "Is it my birthday today??"  It is! Let the celebration begin!  For months the boys have been obsessing about having a "capada" aka pinata for the birthday.  Since we weren't having a party this year I decided what better way to ring in your birthday than to bust open a pinata in your front yard in your pj's??  

breakfast table ready for the Big 4!!

We all took turns with the pinata!
In the car about a week before there birthday Eli said "mommy. member those birthday cake pancakes with the sprinkles and number on top? Those are the most specialist."  So birthday cake pancakes it was!

What am I not going to dwell on is the fact that later that night my camera has a SC Card error and I lost all the pictures from my camera from the day. Morning. School party. EVERYTHING.  Oh well!  Thank goodness for my phone pics!

These birthday boys had silly sock day at school that day too.  And they dressed in their favorite super hero shirts because of course, they wanted to super hero cupcakes for all their friends!

my precious birthday boys!! (they loved their badges) 
The boys were so precious with their friends at their cupcake party at school.  They gave out the bags to their friends that prepared the day before. 

While they were at school the "birthday delivery" came.  Beckett asked "will my family bring the presents while we are at school".  Of course they did.  I brought them all out of hiding :-) 

sweet gifts for the boys waiting in the playroom 
They were beyond excited to go on a hunt and find them!  Squeals all around.  Then we got down to some serious present opening.  And only one of those was from us.  How sweet are the great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to shower these boys with so much love?? 

For birthday dinner they requested chips and cheese at the Mexican restaurant.  On our way in we ran into some our best friends and they joined us!

Best photo I could get 
How hilarious is the birthday tradition at this restaurant??

What better way to end a perfect birthday than a cherry on top!!

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