Fall Festival Fun

Friday night we went to our church's fall festival.  This is the first year we have been as usually it falls on birthday party weekend.  We made plans to go with some of our new friends.  They have twin boys that are 3 1/2 and a 5 year old boy.  Crazy town with all these boys I'm telling you. Here are a few pics before heading out.

The fall festival was put on by your kid's ministry and they did such a fabulous job.  The boys loved the Monster Mash sock hop.  Hilarious to see them dancing with their friends. (and us too) As my friend Lauren said "This is a long way from Widespread Panic my friend!"  Ha.  They played the cupid shuffle (or the Chucky Cheese song) as Eli calls it and even Daddy got in on the action.

Toddler town was a favorite.  3 and under people.  Our last year to enjoy.  This makes me a little teary.  Such great games and so many people.  It was a bit crazy keeping up with all the kiddos.  The best part?  Running into all our friends everywhere and all dressed up.

These two (and their mom and dad) were exhausted but it was totally worth it for how happy these two were.  On the way home they kept saying "we LOVE fall festival mom!"   After acting like crazy monkeys for 30 minutes on a candy high.. the crashed.  Whew.  Glad this only happens once a year!

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