Halloween 2013

This was our first Halloween in our new neighborhood and it was SO FUN.  Moving from an "older" (not just age of houses :-) neighborhood into one FULL of kids and lots of our friends has been such a blessing for us and our boys. 

Let's start with the costume process.  I asked Justin to take them upstairs to put their costumes on.  Did they choose their fancy, expensive costumes? No!  They both insisted on wearing costumes that were more than a year old.  So much of Eli's ankles were showing that I put black knee socks on him so you couldn't tell how short they were!  Beckett's costume had holes and runs.  Both refused to wear masks.  When we got to the first Halloween party with friends, I felt the need to explain their costumes.  On other mom said to me "oh you are such a good mom! I made my kids were such and such" and one said "I vetoed last years costume!" And then I realized.. why is this so much about me?  They chose their costumes, they could not be more happy, and WHY do I care so much!  Ha.  Have at it little misfits :-)

our sweet neighbor Tatum 
The golf cart was such a hit and the best way to trick or treat.  We drove it all over the neighborhood and Eli sat up front and picked up the best houses for us to go too.  Beckett only got off if it wasn't too "spooky".

They were so big this year.  Going up to the door by themselves and saying "Trick or Treat!"

It was such a fun night to spend with friends and meeting neighbors.  And of course, getting a crazy amount of CANDY!

Well.. I will be holding on to these costumes. Who knows? We might wear them again next year :-)

The Riley's 
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