Our Easter Celebration

On Sunday morning we got going bright and early.  Almost with the roosters :-)  As I put on my Facebook.. "the Son has risen, the birds are chirping.  The weeping was for the night but JOY is for the morning!"

We signed up to serve at 9:15 service and were asking to be at the server offsite parking by 8:30 that meant we were moving pretty quickly Saturday morning. Thank goodness we still had Gamma and Big Poppa helping us get out the door! Gamma helped the boys get a snack ready for the Easter bunny that might stop by with a basket while we were at church.

We parked in the offsite server lot and the boys were beyond excited about the bus ride.  When we got in Eli saw his teacher in the back of the bus and he said really loudly "Mom!  There's a teacher on the bus.  I never seen a teacher on a bus before!"  That got lots of giggles and there joy and enthusiasm for the morning was contagious.

Justin and I loved serving on Easter morning and know we will do it again.  I will blog probably in the future about something that happened but I will say that Justin said to me "I got more blessing from that then I did sitting through the service last night." It's always a joy to the be the hands and feet and I just pray that lives were changed this Easter Sunday.

While we served the boys went to their regular Sunday school class. Here is my attempt to get a picture.

Yeah!! Happy Easter!!
And then once again, we loaded up on the bus to head back to our car.

 Super excited to get home and see what the bunny brought.

Baskets from the bunny

loving his ninja turtle "shell raiser"

can't wait to talk to each other

and he got so excited about his pajamas he had to immediately put them on
The rest of our Sunday was so awesome.  A true day of rest.  We took 3 hour naps (all 4 of us), rested, didn't clean the house, relaxed, snuggled watched cartoons, played games, and truly observed the beauty of Sunday together as a family.  Of course we cooked an awesome Easter Sunday dinner.  And there is nothing more satisfying to me than cooking for my family and having all 3 boys enjoy and even ask for more.  No dinner arguements, just sweet family time.  A true Easter miracle.

showing off his tattoos from his Easter basket

relaxing and watching cartoons and listening to the rain

more turtle fun

fresh herb crusted lamb, roasted potatoes, and asparagus

this boy ate 3 helpings of mommy's lamb
Wherever you were on this Easter, I hope that you found joy and peace in the importance of the day.  Even more so than Christmas, Easter is God's greatest gift and largest display of love.  I am thankful, blessed, and  grateful for His sacrifice and His mercies. 

Easter Blesssings everyone!

The Riley's