Surprise Poppy! It's Us! We're Here!!

 There are so many surprises to tell you about that I have to make this a multi part post. I know you are thrilled and are just waiting for the next ones :-) Ha!

Well, now the secret is out.  For MONTHS we have been planning a huge surprise weekend for my dad's (aka Poppy) big 60th birthday.  Whew.  I was so scared we were going to let the secret out that we were coming home to Alabama for it when they were visiting during Easter week.  After they left headed back to home, the boys were so upset they were leaving.  We got in the car and I told them "but guys.  you don't know it and neither does Poppy but we are going to see him in 2 weeks for his birthday!  We are going to fly on an airplane and go see him and say SURPRISE! He doesn't know we are coming." They thought about it for a minute and Eli said "Mom, we are going to play a big joke on Poppy!" And they both started laughing.  And we did!  

The boys and I flew together (by ourselves) on Thursday night.  Seriously, I was so nervous flying with them alone that I didn't sleep Wednesday night.  I flew once with them before when they were 2 and it was tough stuff.  I was a basket case worrying about this trip.  They proved me wrong though.  It was great!  I mean, they were little stinkers sometimes and required a lot of patience but we made it with all my hair in tact.

turtle gear packed and heading out 

helping daddy load the car

watching for our airplane to come in 

peek a boo in the airport

trying to get a picture

made a friend playing hide and seek (bama shirt also!)

big boys with their bags waiting to get on the plane 

Yep. I'm a stinker. 

watching ninja turtles
Overall a great trip. Loved being on a flight full of Bama fans.  Always dress your kids in Bama gear when flying into to Birmingham.  The crimson nation members are great help in these situations.  Lots of Roll Tide's getting on the plane.  I had one gentleman tell me after the flight that "he had truly witnessed the patience of Job first hand and that I did a great job".  Thank you :-)

It was after 10:00 when we made it in and Uncle Colby picked us up so we could stay with him in Birmingham before heading to the lodge on Friday to surprise Poppy. The boys were so sleepy in the car I thought for sure they would fall asleep when we got home.  No way! They were WILD.  They chased their sweet dog Murphy all over the house, explored every room, weight lifted, practiced forward rolls in the gymnastics room, had snacks and generally partied until 11:30.  They loved sleeping in this bed.  They get calling themselves Prince Eli and Prince Beckett.  I was lucky to sleep between to princes that night. 

The next morning the boys got to spend some fun time with their cousins Madison and Abigail before they headed off to school. Laura and Colby made us delicious pancakes and were the best hosts.   Oh, and don't forget time with Murphy too.  We even say prayers for him at night now.  They are in love.

Abigail playing Ninja Turtles

Looking out at the trampoline and playground in the rain :-(

lifting weights

Beckett playing with Abigail

The hamster

such a good hostess and murphy never far away 
Beckett and his best friend Murphy

building forts

and laughing hysterically when Murphy (aka big bad wolf) knocked them down 

I like this present mom 

sweetest John Deere tool set

Abigail and her boys

loving his new tools 
After a fun morning it was time to head out to the lodge to surprise Poppy.  But first, an exciting adventure riding in Uncle Colby's big truck.  A highlight of the weekend for sure.

Dis a big truck mom 

with their uncle Colby 

climbing in all by myself

Put him right to sleep 
When we got to the lodge, Poppy was taking a little nap.  We snuck up to the front door and started knocking and ringing the doorbell.  We woke him up and he came to check out who it was...

SURPRISE!! It's us Poppy!!

Still in shock we were on the doorstep :-)
so happy to see their Poppy.. feelings were mutual :-)
And that was the end of Poppy's quiet romantic weekend get away for his birthday but the start of an amazing, surprise filled, over the top fun weekend.  Can't wait to share the rest of the pictures!

The Riley's