Easter Week Visitors Part 2

Gamma, Big Poppa, and Cricket arrived on Wednesday night before Easter.  They made it just in time for the boys Easter celebration at school.  They started with an egg hunt on the playground.  It went fast! 

sweet boys getting ready for the egg hunt

with their best friend Jackson

I found one!

Eli found a lot 

After the egg hunt we headed to the classroom for the celebration and lunch party. Please note the personality of the my Eli in the classroom.  Hysterical.  

not sitting or listening

face when we told him to turn around and listen 

nope. still not paying attention 

class singing Jesus Loves Me.. where's Eli? Not participating

Sweet Beckett singing
Everyone signed up to bring a few things for the Easter lunch.  It's always so cute to see them in their environment. 

Eating with friends

mommy's sweet boy

Daddy visiting with Eli 

Gamma having lunch with the boys
Eli had been super fussy at dinner Wednesday night and then again on Thursday they were both just not themselves.  I told Justin they hadn't acted like this "since the last time they were sick." Appointment made and after school Beckett went home to nap and Eli went to the doctor.  Diagnosis sinus infection.

picking up our medication
Both of my boys were under the weather so they got a special treat for dinner.  Easter pancakes... they loved them!

On Friday I took Beckett to the doctor after a cranky night on Thursday night and he also got an antibiotic.  We were getting those boys back on the road to feeling good and being my happy boys again.

reading books with Gamma
I was in Walmart the week before and realized that the boys have never dyed eggs.  I thought it would be so fun for them and picked up some supplies.  They LOVED it.  LOVED it.  In fact, Easter is over and they still are asking every day to dye eggs.

Eli the comedian

eggs are ready

getting suited up

almost no spill :-) 


serious concentration

They couldn't wait to show me their finished products.  Minus the one they each ate for lunch.

mom, I love them 

I could stare at them for ever 
or sneak them under the table to play when you aren't looking 
On Saturday morning the boys got their Easter basket surprises from Gamma and Poppa when mommy and daddy got home from the doctor.  Yep. 4 copays. 4 antibiotics.  We are all so much better!!

They were so excited (and starting to feel lots better) to run to their room and see what was in there.

mom, there is chocolate in here.  And I'm eating it

putting on new water shoes
Then we headed out to the back porch to play with our new bubbles and toys.  Lots of giggling happening here.

On Saturday night we had our Easter.  Our church has a 5pm Easter service and we chose to attend that service so Poppy and Gamma could get on the road on Sunday early.  It also freed us up to serve on Sunday morning.  We did our official Easter clothes and photos on Saturday night.  They could not have been sweeter or cuter.  Or happier at church (they had cupcakes!!)

My handsome boys.  Age almost 3.5 

And at church..

so special to celebrate with Gamma and Poppa (look at Eli & Beckett true personality) 
Eli picked a flower for me

And then he wanted my sunglasses

and said no more pictures

I put the flower in my hair.  That boy. 

And he's done... 

True personalities showing through in these 2 right here!
The service was great and the message powerful.  It was extra special to have family here to celebrate the Good News (a day early ). 

The Riley's