Milestone: First Dentist Trip

I have to tell you that I have been so nervous and anxious about the boys first trip to the dentist.  Let's be honest.  Some nights around here involved me on top of the boys holding them in a headlock to get their teeth brushed.  Seriously.  I was so nervous that I scheduled it super early in the morning so Justin could join me to help.  Last Wednesday marked the very first big boy dentist trip.

We are so blessed to have an amazing dentist who also has personal tv's on every chair.  Cartoons are our friend.  So is a big sweet daddy that sits in the chair with us. Beckett went first. 

watching dino train with dad

didn't want to sit in the waiting room, had to check it out

explaining the cool toothbrush

Success!! Not only did he get a real cleaning with the spinning brush but he also let her floss.  Now Eli's turn.  

checking it all out of course

Success #2!!  All of the above.  Both boys have 10 teeth on top and 10 on bottom but Beckett had #11 on bottom coming through.  Next up the dentist. 

They both let him check them out and "count" their teeth.  What do these sweet boys get for a great trip to the dentist with an A+ no cavity report?  The treasure box of course!

The Riley's