Spring Break 2013

I can assure you that I think its hysterical that my 3 year olds have spring break.. but they do!  We celebrated it last week.  I was fresh off my great "GIRLS WEEKEND" in Austin so I was refreshed and ready to go.

After a full weekend with daddy the boys were actually super tired on Monday.  We spent the morning grocery shopping and errand running. A benefit to Monday morning grocery shopping? Watching the tortillas being made and then enjoying a fresh hot whole wheat tortilla right off the press.  So so good.  

The boys even took a great nap and gymnastics class was awesome since so many people were out of town for Spring Break.  They had the place to themselves!

On Tuesday we made plans to see our sweet friends "THE WOOLLEYS."  We ran a couple of errands before to the bank, post office, gas station, and a quick stop at Target since mommy's sunglasses broke.  They found the cutest little bug nets in the $1 spot (My favorite place to take them to shop!"  Eli has recently become obsessed with The Cat in The Hat and said he was going to catch Thing 1 and Thing 2 with his net.  Out the window. While driving down the road!

This is at the red light

We loved catching up with our friends.  Our friend Ben now has a new baby brother "Baby Joe" and the boys thought he was "so cute" and when they say "So cute" its in a high pitched sing song voice.  Not sure where they learned that but its "so cute" :-)

All the boys!  Eli & Beckett -3, Ben - 2, Baby Joe - 3 months
A great lunch playing in the sandbox, drinking pink lemonade and celebrating such a beautiful day we headed home for "nap".  In usual fashion Beckett went right to sleep like a sweet big boy.  Eli did not. 
does this look like a nap to you?
I fought him for awhile and then finally said, "fine.  Mommy is taking a nap. Play with your toys while I rest." He told he was going to play toys in bed.  He piles all these toys in my bed and I close my eyes for my nap.  5 minutes later there is snoring.  But not from me!  This little guy was passed right out.  STINKER.

Wednesday the boys went to gymnastics camp for 1/2 day and had a blast.  They did not take a nap during their rest time so by the time we got home around 3 they were exhausted. However it was too later for napping by then.  I made them stay awake.  They didn't want to do much except watch cartoons.  I kept asking them to play and they would say "no thank you, we are tired." Ha! That meant both boys passed out cold on the couch at 7:15.  I transported them to their bed.  I took Eli to the bathroom and sat him on the potty.  He leaned over and went back to sleep on my shoulder :-)  A nice early night for mommy.  

Love my new video moniter. 2 sleeping angels
Good thing they got some rest because we had lots of fun planned on Thursday.  I took the boys on a play date at The Oil Ranch in Hockley with their best school friend Jackson whose mommy is my best MOPS and Wednesday bible study friend.  They even let Jackson's little brother Brady tag along.  Side story: When I got Beckett dressed that morning I put on his hoodie.  He looked in the mirror and said "mommy, you dressed me like Jackson!" 

The boys were jumping with excitement when they saw all the "ranch" activities.  It was an amazingly gorgeous day too.

We took hayrides and fed some really friendly cows.

Jackson was a little excited

3 cuties looking for cows

very friendly cows

yep. they ate the food out of his mounth. yuck.
And then Eli threw a tantrum because he didn't want to get off and wanted to do it again.  So then we turned that frown upside down by finding the train!

Jackson is soon going to have a another baby brother

sweet Brady

They loved the playground.  Loved playing in the barn. Were a little scared in the petting zoo.

eating snacks in the hideout

3 boys hard at work 
Brady thought he was so big playing with the boys

"talking" to the rooster

climbing the barn steps

loved the haystacks

king of the mountain 

and the sheep that Khara let out of the petting zoo
No trip is complete without a pony ride of course. 

Taking 4 boys under 3 for the day to the ranch was definitely exhausting, exciting, full of laughs, and a few tantrums but my sweet boys are still talking about all the fun they had "at the ranch"

We finished out our spring break week with fun family time on Saturday. We took the boys to the Honky Tonk Festival in Tomball.  It was such great weather.  The festival was small, it wasn't crowded, and it reminded us so much of home.  In fact, one of the guitarist that was playing taught my brother guitar years ago.  

Splash pads, ice cream, jumpers, fountains, great food, and good music enjoyed outside.  A pretty perfect spring day.

On Sunday we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with our lucky green.

St. Patrick's Day 2013
Goodbye spring break.. Hello and Happy Spring! 

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