School Petting Zoo

What better way to welcome the new life of spring than with a petting zoo full of baby animals? The boys school hosted a petting zoo last week and each class got an assigned time to attend.  These are the things that I am so grateful that I get to share in with my kiddos.  

Compared to the petting zoos we have attended lately at the Rodeo and the Oil Ranch these animals were so tame!  It was way more fun for the boys and they weren't scared at all. 

waiting to go in 
There were baby goats, baby sheet, a couple of chickens, and a donkey.  The boys and I talked about the donkey and they remembered that the bible study they were learning was about Jesus riding the donkey.

The absolute attraction and hit of the day were the baby pigs. I'm talking tiny little baby bigs.  My boys (and their buddy Jackson) were IN LOVE.  IN LOVE.  

Jackson come see the baby pigs!

Eli made a friend. A very special little friend.  He is still talking about him.  He was super sweet and after they calmed down, he laid on the ground and "talked" to the piggy.  It would get closer and closer to his face but if he reached out it would run but then come right back to him. Such a sweet little moment.

Eli and his friend
There were a few bigger animals but those weren't for petting.  Thank goodness because that llama had big teeth!

Just another reason to love Spring!

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