Girl Time/Boy Time

Sometimes its just important to get a little girl time.  Like "mommy needs a break" time.  And don't little boys need "father/son" time?  It has been months, way too long since we saw our dear best friends The Cullen Family over in Austin.  We saw each other for our annual July visit with all intentions of a fall birthday/Thanksgiving visits.   But they didn't work out.  Then holidays came, the new year, and enough was enough.  Since Justin got to sneak in an overnight stay for work one week, I was able to sneak away for a weekend by myself with our friends!  

Before I left last Friday I got in tons of great one on one time with my little men.  Play date, pizza time, and lots of loving.  As I was packing up my car, Eli saw me and said "mommy, let me help you with your bag." Raising little gentlemen around here :-)  Melt. My. Heart. 

taking my bag to the car

Here you go mommy
One might think that a 2.5 hour drive on a Friday evening would be tiresome or maybe dreaded.  No way!  2.5 hours by myself in a car.  Fabulous!  I listened to whatever I wanted too all the way there and I assure you Radio Disney and Toddler Radio did not make the rotation.  I made it safe and sound and we were all pretty tired so a little catching up and then the best thing ever?  A great night sleep with no tiny little interruptions.

On Saturday morning I get a text from Justin at 7:30. "have you seen the red power ranger? we are melting down" Later found in my car.  I called him and both boys were screaming about power rangers and waking up to mommy gone. He said "What should I do? They haven't even ate" I said tell them you are taking them for donuts and swing by Target for a new power ranger. Daddy treat :-)  A little while later I got this sweet picture. All was well!

What power ranger? I love donuts with sprinkles mom 
Morgan, "Baby Nash" as my boys call him and I had a great super relaxing morning just hanging out, playing, reading books.  He is such a little red headed angel. Really. I could not stop kissing him.

don't you love the red curls??
Morgan wanted to go to an awesome furniture sale so after looking around a bit, Nash and I found a spot to watch the goods, eat cheerios, and generally be cute.  

One of the best parts of the weekend? Food of course!  Austin is just ridiculous in its selection of fresh amazing cuisine. Or maybe its that I got to actually eat all my food and enjoy it.  Lunch was fantastic.  Company was pretty good too :-)

That would be a Love Taco.  Sesame crusted tuna with avocados, cabbage, and lots of other goodies

And that would be a sweet faced kiwi, mac & cheese, Luann gave me too much apple juice face
The Cullen family had a baby shower to attend and they invited me a long. I opted out for a little relaxing.  Mani/pedi and a little shopping.  Then a leisurely shower and getting ready.  Book reading.  Fantastic afternoon. 

As soon as Morgan got home we kissed the boys good bye and headed out to dinner. Just us girls.  And no high chairs!  How funny that Morgan got dressed while I was out shopping and then I got dressed while she was at the baby sitter and we managed to pretty much dress alike!  Guess we are right on trend huh?  Tunic check. Scarf check. Cross boy bag check.  Love this girl!

Headed out for our girls dinner - can't even tell she has a baby bump under there!
I wish I had more pictures to show you how fantastic dinner was but we were just too busy talking. And talking.  And talking some more.  Seriously we sat down a little before 7 and didn't leave until almost 10.  We had like 6 months to catch up on or something.  Here is one she shot.  The waitress asked me how many ounces of wine I wanted.  6 or 9?  Morgan said "she wants 9"  I'm driving :-)  When the glass came we both couldn't stop giggling at how big it was!  I only needed one when they come in this size!

Justin called me Sunday morning and he had done such a good job even with the time change of getting the boys to church on time.  He was still in the parking lot and I reminded him that we serve at the 5:00pm so he didn't have to go that morning.  He said "oh well, looks like IHOP then."  Which is a current new love in my little boys life.  They ask to go like everyday.  It's always a special treat to get a "funny face pancake" with whip cream!

We had such a relaxing Sunday morning cooking, laughing, playing, catching up.  With the time change and sleeping in (me) I felt like I was on vacation!  It all went so fast and before I knew it I was in the car headed back to my little boys.  But not before trying to one up daddy and bring home the "wackers" they had been looking for since their trip to Target. 

Score.  3 Targets later.
When I pulled up my boys came running across the grass and both gave me the biggest hugs.  Beckett said " mommy I missed you so much" and "I was so worried about you" and Eli could not stop talking about all the things they had done and saw with Daddy.  Isn't it good sometimes to actually miss your kids?  Those are the best reunions.  After they found my bag and pulled out their surprises Beckett declared "Mommy is still the coolest Dad!"

Turtle Power!!!

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