Honduras Blessings

We leave for Honduras in 4 months!  It is always in my mind and a constantly in my prayers.  One of the biggest areas being fundraising of course.  How am I doing? Check out my new fundraising thermometer I created online.  Love it!

That's right!  Almost 1/2 way to the goal.  I have to say that my sweet brother Uncle Bubba gave me a great start.  I was moved to tears by his donation and his generosity to help me on my trip.  I have also been so blessed by those who gave through my website. Dear sweet friends and some I don't even know.  When I emailed one of the donors whose email I didn't recognize them I got this precious email in return.

You are very welcome. It's not much but I know it will help.

I have been following your blog since the twins were infants.  I have a 3 year old son also and reading your blog is always an enjoyment.

Anyway, you are great Mom and more importantly a woman of God.  May God bless you and your family

Encouraging words are always just a drink for my soul you know? They fill me up and keep me moving and finding time to write to this blog knowing that there are people who enjoy it too!

Not only have I used my blog to get donations but also I sent out letters last week.  This is really the first time I have used my Mac for creating documents and I love the results.  Hope they are effective :-)

stuffing envelopes with letters and with sase for easy return
Again, the first time I have sent out mail asking for money.  Well, except the ones to my mom, dad, and Ma sometimes!

Just yesterday I opened my mailbox to find a wonderful surprise.  A letter (more precious than the checks) and donations from my Ma and "rotten Davy" as my kiddos call him.  

Now what makes this so special is that Ma told me point blank when this all started that she was not going to give me any money because she didn't agree with me going.  She does not think that I should leave these sweet boys to go to a foreign country.  And that was that.  Well imagine my surprise to find 2 checks in the envelope.  I have to share this letter, mainly so I can document this and remember it but also so I can show you what faith my Ma has.  

Here is what it says...

I know God will bless me even though I hate to see you go.  This is my love offering, May God bless and keep you safe.  He is a wonderful God.  Tell the boys I love them and Justin to.  You make my day when I talk to you. 

Love, Ma

(I told God I am selfish about you!)

She also included a picture from the paper of my parents with the note : "Just got this and I am so proud" Love you

I cried when I read the letter just so grateful for this Godly woman in my life.  That puts aside her personal convictions to faithful her God.  Trusting Him to keep me safe.  

I am excited about all that is happening.  Please join me in praying for a few things.
  1. My fundraising
  2. That the Good News of Jesus will be advanced on this trip
  3. That the team will be successful in providing clean water and safe water for the community
  4. For the team's unity, safety, and purpose for this trip
  5. That I learn my Spanish before we go
I have attempted to be diligent in my studies but with 2 toddlers sometimes it proves difficult!

Que Dios te bendiga!!

The Riley's