Dee Dee's Christmas Cookie Celebration

One of our advent activities and books we read for Christmas included a "baking cookies with grandma" as a Christmas tradition.  The boys thought this was a great idea so before we went home I asked my mom if she would mind starting a cookie decorating tradition with the boys.  With all the craziness going on we planned it for Tuesday and the boys were so excited about it.

Now, do you think Dee Dee took the easy route with store bought cookies and icing?  No way.  She combed Pinterest and found what claimed to be "the best sugar cookie recipe ever".  She also made "royal icing" from scratch.  A first for pastry chef Dee Dee.  She made the dough while they were napping so as soon as they woke up we were able to get rolling and cutting.

Eli said "mom. Beckett is getting flour EVERYWHERE"

cutting shapes

so serious about their cookie cutting

Thanks goodness uncle bubba showed up to help

and after awhile, the boys were over it.  Dee Dee and I finished them
Good thing Uncle Bubba, Madison, Gracie, and the family showed up during the cooking process.  The boys are not very patient!  They played and had a great time while batch after batch of cookies baked and cooled.  Dee Dee whipped up the yummy icing too!

And then finally it was time!  We put the aprons on the boys and got them ready.  Beckett had a small melt down when the apron went on.  He kept crying "I'm not a girl. I'm not a girl." Ha!

toppings and decorations

Choosing cookies for decorating

uncle bubba got his apron on

a serious cookie artist 
Beckett ate way more than he decorated

Thank goodness Madison was helping too!

And Aunt GG made some cookies too!
Dee Dee has awesome surround sound all through the house.  We had the Christmas tunes cranked up, the kiddos were giggling, adults were dancing around, it was the perfect crazy cookie party.

Dee Dee and Beckett

Dee Dee and Eli 

Dee Dee and Uncle Bubba

Dee Dee and Gracie (GG)
Dee Dee's Christmas Cookie Celebration 
The finished product?  Delicious and perfectly designed angels, stars, Christmas trees, stockings, and bells. 

The finished product!
We had a hard time keeping those little stinkers out of them!

"I'll just have one more yittle one mom"

Just one more please Dee Dee?
Poppy came home and walked in during the middle of the cookie party and he said it was one of the biggest blessings.  He said that the sheer joy on the faces of all the kids and the fun they were having just made his heart melt.  Isn't that what Christmas traditions are all about?  I know this is one new tradition that we will look forward to every year. 

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