Our Anniversary on The Farm

Normally when I think of a perfect date.. perfect anniversary date with my hubby I think of "alone time", spa days, hotels, sleeping late, and maybe a beach :-)  However on this anniversary day, this 8th anniversary day, my idea of the perfect day was changed.

We were home in Alabama actually for the second year in a row.  Back to the home place in Alabama where we were married.  There is something sweet and sentimental about that.  When we woke up, Justin took over the kitchen to cook up some breakfast for us.

waking up to this sweet man for 8 years

Dee Dee and Poppy gave us a sweet anniversary gift.  Can't wait to find the perfect spot for this in our house.

Then the best part of the day?  The "best man" and his sweet family .. the Armstrong's came to spend the day.  Huge bonus that not only that I got to spend all day with my hubby but what a treat to spend it with our very best friends.. our family.  As soon as they walked in, the fun day began!

My best sista friend... Nikki

Justin and his best man Woody
After hitting up Dee Dee's personal Starbucks in the kitchen, we relaxed and caught up while their girls and our boys played and played with Dee Dee and Poppy.  The rain finally stopped and we tool full advantage.  We bundled up the kids, put their boots on and headed out for a day on the farm. 

charis and addy kate feeding the horse

Heading out on the mule with Poppy 
Uncle Bubba, Uncle Woody, and Justin on the other wagon
While the girls hung out inside getting lunch, sharing our hearts, talking about the Lord, and drinking mimosa's the men had all the kids out working.  Feeding the animals, seeding the food plots, and calling the "animals".

They worked up a big appetite on the farm so we treated them to a local delicacy.. The Chicken Shack!  Chicken salad, chicken tenders, and french fries.  Bon Appetit :-)

The kiddos took a great nap so we were able to spend some time together and catch up.  As soon as they woke up it was time to head back outside for fishing.  The girls (and the boys) loved fishing and Addy Kate and Charis had a blast on the boat.

heading out in the boat 
a great country view

poppy and his little buddy

Nikki and the girls.. um.. where's my latte

catching fish with dad

I noticed all afternoon that JB and Justin were acting funny.  Talking about things and constantly on the phone.  Well guess what?  Much to my surprise.. Justin had a huge anniversary gift planned for me.  I have literally asked, begged, and pleaded for months.  Maybe even more than a year to upgrade my camera.  Now understand that my camera that I have is a good camera.  I have had it almost 5 years and its an entry level dslr.  However, it has some flaws and bugs and they don't even make it even more.  As I have gotten more "advanced" and I use that word lightly I have simply been frustrated by the limitations of my camera.  I have borrowed moms new dslr so many times (thanks mom) and loved it.  As I hope to expand my blog and writing next year, Justin was so incredibly thoughtful to surprise me with a new improved version.  I went with the Nikon 5100 mainly because I already have multiple Nikon lenses and didn't want to invest in replacements for those.  I can't wait to really see what it can do! Love you babe :-)

yeah!  Happy 8th Anniversary to ME!!!!
When I tell you that our anniversary was the craziest, zaniest, dinner of my life.. I am not kidding.  We had Ma's infamous spaghetti.  It is not Christmas for me until I eat Ma's spaghetti.  And everyone else loved it too.  We had 10 adults and 7 kids under 7.  All packed in to one happy family in the kitchen.  A romantic dinner with our loved ones :-)  Perfecto!  
First shot with my new camera

Spaghetti chef 
and her assistance
 After dinner we all gathered around and watched the video from our wedding.  There were so many parts that made us laugh.  Many that made us cry.  So many that reminded us of that young naive couple that we once were.  And a wonderful reminder of the love and covenant we made that day.  

 No visit with the Armstrong family is complete without a little competition with between Woody and Justin.  There are have been eating contests, towel slapping contest, and now a push up contest. The boys had to get in on the action too.  The winner?  A draw! 

What a special way to spend your anniversary, surrounded by those that love you and share in your happiness all the other days of the year too.  Here's to many many more.

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