Life on "Noah's Ark"

One morning during our visit to Poppy and Dee Dee's house , Justin and I were laying in bed .  You could hear the faint sound of a baby crying.  Then we heard a dog bark.  Then we heard what sounded like a rooster.  Then another toddler scream.  It was storming raining outside.  The wind was blowing.  Justin looked at me and said,"It's kinda like being on Noah's Ark.  I imagine this is what its like.  Noises at all hours of the day, people and animals.  And always something going on!"  We have laughed about that analogy so many times this Christmas vacation because the craziness level at their house has to be akin to a zoo!  


We love it. Especially my hubby because unlike me who loves a little quiet time by myself, he is always up for chattering or the next adventure.  He was not short on people to talk to or things to do the whole time.  He told me he just loves my mom's kitchen.  The way people gather around in. The way that at anytime you walk in you never know who might be in there or what might be cooking.  

usually you can find my brother munching something and critiquing the cooking

and Justin giving lessons on proper cutting
There was no shortage of good food.  Starting with our first night when we celebrated our "Christmas dinner" with Poppy's prime rib.  

Prime rib, roasted potatoes, butter beans,
my mushroom brown rice, and horseradish cream

The kiddos loved their Christmas feast too!

Gathered around the table 

No greater blessing than all the family gathered around the table together
And ending with us enjoying the bounty of Dee Dee's garden.  The boys had a blast helping Dee Dee and Poppy get ready for dinner.  They LOVED pulling carrots.  In fact, I was inside having a little "me time" and Justin called me to say "you have got to come out here and bring your camera".  They were laughing so hard while pulling out "Farmer Poppy's carrots" and then they would run over to the water and wash them.  Eli even ate a few right on spot.  He was a big help in cutting the kale too (salad he called it).  

washing carrots

That's some pretty kale friends
That night, we roasted the kale and carrots as sides with delicious smoked turkey sandwiches.  So incredibly fresh and good.  Eli said "this is my favorite dinner." 

The boys enjoyed all the sights of the country life including tractor rides and "reindeer sightings"!

you could hear the squeals and giggles all the way inside

Deer!!  Justin and Beckett managed to get a picture on their walk 
And of course we celebrated Christmas.  Poppy and Dee Dee are coming out to do ours a few days after Christmas but while we were there they surprised the boys with their new fancy tricycles.  I guess they are tricycles?  The boys had lots of fun riding them down the drive way and we had lots of fun catching them!


off to the races

uphill is a little harder

 I love this!  Watch out Poppy.. here I come!

We did our gift exchange with Bubba, Madison, Ma, Dave, and Phyllis.  We got lots of good stuff and had a blast.  Some our most special gifts were from my sweet sister GG.  She went shopping all on her own and picked them out.  She gave me a very special ruby heart Pandora charm that touched my heart.  I will treasure it always. 

Ma loved her annual family calendar
Remote control cars from Bubba were a HIT

Madison and Jb 

Paula Deen knives for Madison.. jealous :-)

The 3 cutest pirates you have ever seen.  Jake spyglasses and maps for them. 

Christmas CHAOS.. but look at all those smiles

I had lots of help opening my gifts

We gathered around as a family at night and did advent. Dee Dee did the "readings" and the boys each moved the candle and got a time to blow it out.  

We usually say a prayer at the end of ours at home and the boys wanted to do that too.  We held hands and said our prayer.  At the end I always ask the boys do they want to say thank you for anything else.  The answers really vary from toys to people to random things but this night as we all held hands with our eyes closed Eli said "Thank you God for Poppy and Dee Dee."  I think we all can agree to that.  Merry Christmas from Noah's Ark!

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