School Party & Pumpkin Fun

As if we hadn't already had too much fun Dee Dee & Poppy's visit, followed by the birthday, and Halloween the boys school had a party day for the boys and a pumpkin patch day.

Look at my big boys on their party day.  I AM 3!  They also celebrated their best school friend Jackson's birthday too because his fell on the 28th.  3 sweet 3 year old boys for sure. No sure why Eli looks so short but I assure you they are within a 1/2 inch of each other :-) 

What special treats did my sweet boys pick out for their classmates?  Monster truck cupcakes.  I actually ordered the little trucks and made these myself for their class. Oreo cookies for the dirt of course. 

Their school does not celebrate Halloween so they had a good ole fashion fall pumpkin patch and party.  I wasn't sure what to expect since it was their first year but it was great!  We broke out the fall shirts again and they wore their new birthday TOMS from Dee Dee for the first time. Big handsome 3 year olds I think.

before school, arguing over who is in the middle :-)
I love that I was able to come and be part of their pumpkin patch day.  They played with fall colored rice and homemade play dough that smelled like pumpkin cinnamon heaven!

their class with their teachers

thats Jackson in the middle

Their absolute favorite part?  Washing pumpkins!  And you know I have comedians.  What did Eli do of course?  Sprayed me with the water.  When we got home Justin asked Eli about the pumpkin patch and his response, "I sprayed mommy with the water!" 

washing pumpkins with Jackson

sprayed me.. little stinker
They also got some much needed practice at raking leaves and played a fun bean bag toss game.

Each child got to pick a pumpkin from the patch to take home.  Beckett went and picked his and in true Eli fashion he decided to be difficult.  He was the last one and they asked him over and over.  He would not do it.  Then suddenly he ran over and got one.  Then he wouldn't put it in the basket.  He marched it right over and dropped it on all the pumpkins in the wash station.  He said he picked a dirty pumpkin.  After it was washed and dried he was perfectly satisfied and took it to the basket.  

Whew.  It took a wagon load to get us to the car that day!

We are blessed that the boys are so happy at their school.  And how could they not be with all this fun!  Loving fall and loving all these special memories.

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