From Prehistoric to The Future

On Halloween morning, we got up and got dressed in costume. Oh wait, that is every day!  The boys wanted to wear super heroes of course so they dressed as Batman and Superman and we headed to the gym for the morning.  When we got there, they had a sign saying they were taking the kids "trick or treating" around the various rooms and offices at the gym while we were there.  Score! I planned my run so that I would be back in the hallway what I thought was way after their adventure but I walk in and immediately see them down the hall.  After the leg pulling screaming drop off I had in the childcare that morning I did not want them to see me.  What should I do??? Hide behind a huge potted tree in the lobby of course!  And do you know the hilarity of it?  There were 2 other dads already hiding behind there when I squeezed in!  They let me know when it was clear :-)

After a morning at the gym and a quick trip to Walmart for last minute Halloween supplies, we were ready for the day.

Beckett woke up from nap first and Eli took a huge long nap that day.  Beckett got to be my helper and get our candy ready.  I found these awesome Christian Halloween stickers and ideas online. I have to tell you that Justin and I have discussed and debated many times whether or not we should celebrate Halloween.  As Christians, the meaning behind Halloween is obviously a conflict.  I was reading about it and we have been listening to KSBJ and they have been promoting "light the night".  Either invite friends to your home, or go out, but whatever you do find a way to share Christ with those that come to your door.  We were not going to be home so we put our messages on the candy and put out a sign to do our parts to be a light that night.  

Beckett did a great job stickering the candy and helping mommy. I loved reading the stickers to him and having him say them back to me.  

His mode of working?  Sticker a piece.. eat a piece!  It helped him stay motivated :-)

Once our candy bucket was ready for the front porch, we had to move on to getting our mini mummies ready for the party.  Eli was awake by now and loved helping me wrap the "little hot dogs".

mini mummies in the making
mini mummies at the party 
He also couldn't resist trying to steal some off the tray before we left home for the neighbors.

 The Halloween costumes this year were the prehistoric T-Rex for Eli and the futuristic astronaut for Beckett.  I begged them to be Woody and Buzz.  I thought for sure they would be super heroes and that was the plan until about 3 weeks for Halloween and we got this book.  In the book, the kids go trick or treating.  They immediately decided Eli was the dinosaur and Beckett was the astronaut. I thought that was cute and we laughed about it.. But then we would be out and people would say, "what are you going to be for Halloween?" They would both respond. "T-Rex" or "Astronaut"  As it got closer I began to think maybe I should be looking into these costumes because I think they are serious!!

Here is my mighty T-Rex and Astronaut ready to go trick or treating!  They LOVED their costumes.  LOVED them.

The T-Rex tail caused just a little issue when trying to get in the wagon to head to the neighbors but after a few minutes we were on our way.

We had a great time partying with our neighbors.  This is the 3rd year now that the boys have trick or treated with Addie and Chloe. Eli couldn't wait to scare them when they opened the door.

Um... I think you are on the wrong side 

That's it!
Mr. Brad was working hard in the kitchen making us some Texas special Frito pies.

Then it was time to head out for some trick or treating!  Beckett was scared at first. In fact, the Hensley's had a witch on their front porch and we had to turn her off to get him out the front door.   I was proud of him though, after a few houses he forgot all about the spooky stuff and just had fun.  Eli was running saying "Wait for me peanut butter!  Wait for me jelly!" Then the head got to heavy so he just roared all over the neighborhood without it.

annual twin trick or treating photo

neighbor Lily

We hit maybe 6-8 houses which is probably double what we did last year before they really just wanted to ride in the wagon and eat candy.  We headed back to the neighbors for some candy swapping, movie watching, and relaxing.

Eli and Chloe checking out the goods

helping Mr. Brad give out candy

The Great Pumpkin of course

Love my little astronaut
After all the fun we were home by 9:30 or so which I was pleased with for Halloween.  We were all 4 exhausted and went right to bed.  Our night was full of great friends, sweet sticky candy and precious memories. 

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven".  Matthew 5:14-16

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween no matter how you celebrated!

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