Calling All Space Rangers

Beckett and Eli are turning 3!! And this year is party year.  (We are on the every other year schedule).  Last year we took a fun trip to Sea World but this year they both wanted a party and I was excited that they were old enough to understand, plan, and really participate and enjoy it this year.

The planning began months ago of course.  As they are started attending a rodeo of their friends birthday parties every weekend.  I really wanted them to have a pirate party.  "No way" they both said.  Beckett wanted a super hero party but Eli said no.  Eli wanted a Thomas the Train party but Beckett said no.   What did the both finally agree on?  A Buzz Lightyear party of course!  So that is what we had.  We actually had much debate between the "house" party and the "party place" party.  After Justin and I attended a couple of house parties and saw the destruction left behind by 10-12 under 4 year old toddlers we both said "Party place party it will be!!"

I found this awesome new child enrichment center that just opened on October 1st.  I have to say that having it somewhere else was bit of a struggle for me.  Because you see, I like to be control everything :-)  Leaving it up to someone else and not going above the "already included in the fee" gave me anxiety.  I kept telling myself all week, whatever they chose, however it looks, whatever happens Luann, it will be fine.  They are 3 and they will love it as long as they have cake.. not everything has to be hand crafted and special designed from Pinterest.  Well, not this time anyway!

Can I tell you how excited the boys were all week for their party?  Everyday they ask, "Is today my birthday party?" I was so glad when Saturday arrived.   On Friday night, Phyllis and I put the final touches on a couple of "extras" for the party.  Party hats for their friends and the special Buzz Lightyear birthday crowns handcrafted by none other that their Dee Dee.  She did an awesome job copying these from  ideas I found on websites.  I think she could have a business :-) Oh wait, no time for that!

When we arrived at the party I have to say I was holding my breath to see what the "girls" had done.  And to see Justin's reaction. He had never been there before and I knew we were golden when he said "Babe this is awesome!"  I loved the private party room and there not being another party at the same time too.  

Here are a few shots of the party place before the chaos and destruction arrived.

the jumping gym with zipline

space camp obstacle course

craft table
Once all the friends arrived it was time to get started and head to Space Training Camp but not before some serious twin birthday silliness!

Just a little excited to get started!

They had obstacle set up to crawl through and find moon rocks.  Which was fun for about a minute of taking turns then they got antsy. I told the party girls, just let them all go!

friends lining up 

here comes Eli 

I found one mom!

Then they all lined up for a hot moon rock relay race.

After that, it was on to what had to be their favorite part. Jumping, flying, zipping, and just plain running wild!

yook at me mom!  We jumping with our friends

their friend Jackson 

To infinity and beyond!

Beckett zip line fun

Little lily jumps

Ben had a great time.. just don't mess up his hat

Their buddy Xavier on the zip line

little break for a hug from Ma

Now I'm ready for the zip line dad!

Basketball with Ben 

What's a birthday party without dancing?  Loved seeing all the little ones break it down.  Except Eli really.  He didn't want to dance.  Just lay in the floor.  

dance party 

My sweet birthday boy dancing with Mommy

My rotten birthday boy did not want to dance with Mommy

He was just a little excited 
On the floor

breaking it down 

Logan and Effe dancing 

Jacskson wanting his friend to get up and dance 
After all the craziness it was time for craft.  I was totally surprised how into the craft they all were.  Some really good looking flying saucers at that table. 

Craft Time!

Beckett's on the left, Eli's on the right 
Whew. All that partying sure does make everyone hungry.  The party place provided pizza and drinks for the kids.  We provided (Thanks Ma for your help!) adult food to snack on.  Don't you love my new "Woody's cowboy hat" dip and chip she gave me when she was visiting?  

The cakes were the absolute most favorite part.  I let the boys use the ipad to pick out their own special cakes.  I tried to steer Eli to less complicated more "space" cake for weeks.  He was not having it.  I was so lucky to have a friend that new a caterer that did cakes from home and she did an AMAZING job making their dreams come true. Now you might think that Eli would not remember what he chose but the morning of his party when I told him it was his party he said "And I'm going to have bed cake with stars on it and T-Rex on it. " Sure you are.  That's what dreams are made of right.  All the kids were obsessed with the cakes.  Obsessed.  The boys were so in love with them.  

His bed cake

His "flying buzz lightyear cake"

The very special cakes

For me, the most special moments and highlights of the party were when they got to blow out there candles.  Following advice from other twin moms we did 2 cakes and we did separate singing and candles so they each had their own moment.  When I tell you that they loved it, I mean it.   They smiled, they glowed, the giggled, their eyes were wide, they were in love with each of their special time.  The lights were dimmed, the candles lit, and as they kids and parents sang I looked at my little boys each surrounded by their friends, their eyes bright with the glow of their own special moment I thought to myself, this is what the hard work and party was all about.  That moment that they basked in their own individual attention and felt that "birthday" special feeling.  Sniff.  Yep, my eyes watered for sure.

is that face excited or what? 

that blow face .. concentrating so hard

JOY!! That face was so excited and his brother Eli watched and
was so patient.  I heard him singing to Beckett too!
Eli's turn 

I love this face.  For all his outgoing personality he really can be shy.
This face is I am loving this but I am a little shy or overwhelmed by this.
I love that Beckett is smiling with him :-)

At first, I had a hard time convincing Eli to let me cut the cake.  He wanted to take it home exactly like it was.  And he was serious!  Finally he gave in when I agreed to his request to have the "sheets and the pillow".  

negotiating the slicing of the pizza

showing him the sheets

I ate the WHOLE pillow mom 

Dad slicing up the cake 

Beckett was serious about his cake.  He ate and ate and ate and ate.  All the kids were done.  All the kids were leaving.  Where was Beckett.. still working on his cake.  And the noises?  Mmmm.. that cake was good for that baby :-)

The favors were provided and they the boys actually loved the little alien fingers inside.  This is the best picture that I got.

Of course there were presents.  We didn't open at the party because honestly that would have been more chaos than I could handle.  Actually it was a little chaotic opening them at home!  We went home and got ready for the big game (Bama/LSU) of course and let the boys open their gifts.  Amazing that we didn't get anything that we already had. 

To say that I was exhausted after all this fun is an understatement.  If you have followed the last 4 to 5 post you know that we had a huge grandparent/zoo weekend, followed by birthday on Monday, party at school on Tuesday, Halloween Wednesday, Pumpkin Patch at school on Thursday and then family rolled into town on Thursday for this party on Saturday.  Wow. What a week.  I was beat. And after the sugar wore off and they finally went to bed on Saturday night, I sat in the chair to watch the Bama game.  I was tired.  Justin was ill.  It had just been a lot.  I was already questioning if I could handle this holiday season coming up.  I was mentally thinking "how am I ever going to get this all blogged?" 

On Sunday morning I woke up and was doing my devotion time. I had a few more minutes so I used my ipad new favorite app Pulse to read a few of my "Christian mom blogs".  If you are a mom entering this holiday season take  a minute to read On Beginning A Season of Traditions from Mom Heart Online.  It really breathed new life in me and helped me to refocus and keep perspective.  I love this part. 

But there is more than meets the eye…behind all the joys and laughter of these highlights in life often stands “the mom”.  The one who has been up before dawn preparing the bird to be dressed.  The one who set the table with a fussing baby on one hip and the china precariously balanced on the other.  The one who knows that even though the time to prepare is a thousand times longer than the time it will take to consume, it is still worth it. 

Traditions take effort and determination.  And if we want our family member’s hearts to be filled with nostalgic, delectable memories that they can treasure in the future, then we need to accept that the present will take significant resolve on our part. 
The glow on our faces and the thankfulness that bubbles out of our mouths will write with an indelible marker on the hearts of our children, the joy of “home and holidays”.  Each dinner, every celebration, all the festivities become layers upon layers of one of the most precious gifts we can give our families – the gift of traditions.  Garnishes don’t need to have a high price tag and the edibles don’t need to be fancy…but when we allow the grace and loveliness of us, the moms, to pour out in our homes, we will be bestowing upon our children a gift of rare beauty that will go 
beyond our lifetimes . 

We will all remember these sweet time... "To Infinity and Beyond Space Ranger" 

The Riley's 

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