My Little Indians

On Thursday I received a huge stay at home mommy blessing.  I was able to attend the Annual Thanksgiving lunch at the boys school.  These were seriously the cutest little pilgrim and Indians I have ever seen.  Even the teachers got in on the action and were dressed as pilgrims.

Here come the cuties
Each table was decorated with crafts that the class had made.  The boys had a name card and it said "I am thankful for...."  Beckett said "Mommy and Daddy" and Eli said "When Mommy makes chocolate cookies".  

After a quick prayer, it was time to eat.  Not exactly a traditional Thanksgiving meal but Eli said the cheese puffs were delicious.

holding hands for prayer

Beckett holding hands with Caleb

Cutie pilgrim girls

We had a great time eating, chatting, and taking lots of pictures.  Thanks to all the other mommies that took a picture for me too!

Ms Keifer and Ms Harris with their lndians

They loved showing me all the things they had made for the lunch.

Then of course, they got restless and WILD.  They loved looking at everything and hanging out with their best bud Jackson.

And then was time to head back to class.  I had watery eyes as I got in the car.  What a very special memory this will be for me when I look back at the blessings of being a mom.  To share this day.  I immediately text Justin "thank you for giving me these moments." They truly touch my heart and for that I am so grateful.

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever.

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