Color Fun Fest

I ran my first 5k!  Now for some of you, I know that really isn't very far especially considering that my husband ran 18 miles that morning.  However, for me.  This is HUGE.  In January of this year, I could not even run an entire mile without stopping so to run then entire thing without stopping felt awesome.

It also helped that this has to be one of the most fun 5k's to run.  We got a Living Social deal for Color Fun Fest and signed up for the night race.  I ran with my neighbor Kara (Addie/Chloe's mom) and my best friend Stephanie (Xavier/Max's mom) on Saturday night.  

We worked all week on what to wear. It was pretty cold. About 55 at run time plus we were nervous that the color wouldn't come out of our clothes. 

And it was a good thing we were because color was EVERYWHERE!

All week I had to run with the boys in the jogging stroller because Justin was out of town. They were so excited to see "mommy's race" and also to see their friends.

When we got there, Addie and Chloe wasted no time getting a head start in the color.  Isn't Kara the coolest mom? 

We thought our numbers were really cool too.. 

Once the race started it was hard for Justin to get pictures but basically there was a different color every 1/2 mile.  Originally Addie and Chloe were going to drop out after the first color, but they kept going.  They ran the whole thing with Kara!  Stephanie and I got a great pace once we got away from the crowds and all the walkers.  

When we finished, we honestly couldn't believe it was over.  We both said we could have run it twice.. that means a 10k is next right?  

The only mistake I made was letting the boys get in the color.  There were not a fan!  Eli laughed at first but then he was upset.  Beckett immediately was scared.  They both complained about it being in their hair and nose.  Even today (4 days later) Eli said he had pink chalk in his nose!  Oh well, you only get colored once in life right? 

This was really so much fun and a great way to cross one of those milestones off my bucket list.  I couldn't have asked for a more fun group of friends to do it with.  Now, on to the next race!

The Riley's