Look At What My Made!

This week we got a little crafty around here.  Every year I usually order the boys "holiday" shirts.  I loved their pumpkin patch shirts this year but didn't get around to a turkey day shirt.After seeing these Turkey Feet Shirts on Pinterest,  I decided to just make them. I used shirts that were already hanging in their closets.  I scored $2.99 plain tees "for next year" at Carters and stocked up.  Even though it had a pocket it worked great.   The boys are always down for anything that involves paint.  They called this "tickle turkey feet" and they could not stop squealing and curling their toes when I painted the bottom of their feet!

That tickles!

It's so cold and tickly mom!!
Not a ton of pictures obviously of the foot painting part because it was seriously all hands on deck.  My assistant Justin was out of town. Once we got the done, I just painted in any light spots to shape it up a little and let dry.  Once the boys were tucked in bed I got to work on the feathers.  I bought a "sampler" pack in the quilting section at Hobby Lobby with the 40% off single item it was super cheap.  I had to search hard to find a set that wasn't too girly but this one worked perfect.  I googled "Leaf Template" and tried out a few before I found one that was the right size. 

I think the hardest part was laying out the leaves into turkey feather shape.  I kept trying to make it too complicated and in the end just used a few feathers since their feet are small..... I love their sweet small feet (Sniff Sniff) Anywho.  Once I got them laid out I used Heat N Bond Ultra Hold iron on adhesive.  If I had been smart and learned to use my fancy dancy sewing machine I got a year ago, I could have just stitched those puppies right on.  But alas, maybe next year.

The next morning the boys were excited to find that their turkeys had been feathered.  They were ready for eye balls of course.  Eli wanted to operate the glue.  Whew. We survived that one and all the eyes got glued on.  The boys had a great time picking put googly eyes for their friends.  Glue in toddler hands means no pictures.  To risky people. 

Last stop while they napped, I free handed the beaks and the beards or gobblers or whatever that thing is hanging on their necks using paint I already had.  In the end, I was pleased with how they turned out.  They won't last for years to come but for one special day of the year, they will do!  

The boys LOVE them and couldn't wait to put them on this morning.  They even willingly went outside for a photo shoot this morning in the cold.  Well, that and the promise of Halloween candy motivated them :-)  

My little turkeys

Self timer turkey pic!

One thing I love about their new school is the number of amazing projects and art they are working on each week.  Every Thursday I come home with 2 huge folders of their "work" and every day when I pick them up Eli says "Look and what my made for you  mommy!" It has literally been stacking up in the closet for weeks.  Ultimately it will be preserved in a new app I got call Artkive but I really wanted a place to display it.  For weeks I have looked on Pinterest for ideas and mentally tried to work out should I do a cable system from Ikea, ribbon in the playroom, or frames.  Every time I got to Target or Hobby Lobby I try to just see what they have but didn't find anything.  Well, this week while picking up the supplies for my Thanksgiving crafts, I stumbled upon these beauties in the clearance section and had this huge "ah-ha" moment.  I fell in love.  I have 2 huge blank walls on either side of our front patio doors of the breakfast area.  My kitchen set is this rustic distressed Mexican furniture with reds, greens, and yellows.  These sweet birds sitting on these wires with the paper clips were perfect!!

I was so excited!  I rushed home and worked so hard to hang them exactly right because I knew I would have to "sell" it to hubby when he got home. I even kept the tags on in case he made me take them back.. but I was hoping he wouldn't.  

The boys brought home some really great Thanksgiving art and they couldn't wait to hang it up.  I think their excitement in showing dad "what my made for you at school" sold him too. Winner winner!  I get to keep them.

Beckett's masterpieces

Eli's masterpieces

artwork on display
They brought home a bag of "nature walk" findings recently and I put them in the pumpkin on our table.  Look how cute the candles are they made too.

I know the day is going to come when they are too cool and too tough to wear homemade turkey shirts.  They aren't going to make me all kids of sweet gifts at school because they will be too busy texting their friends.  But for now, I am going to enjoy these treasures.  And now if you stop by my house, I can share them with you too.  

"Every child is an artist.. the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Pablo Picasso

The Riley's