It's My Birthday Mom!

After months of waiting and days of celebrating already, the big birthday day arrived!  The night before I prepared their chairs and gifts.  Set up the balloons and laid everything out for their birthday pancakes.  

Yeah for them both wanting to wear their matching pajamas the night before and yeah for it being cold enough to wear footed!  Is there anything cuter than toddlers in footed pj's?  Nope, don't think so. Especially on their birthday.

chairs are ready - gotta love the dollar store

Here comes the birthday boys! 
For me mommy?

I "loves" it mommy

Beckett chose this one first

Eli wanted to go for a "big" one

What were there birthday surprises from mom and dad this year?  There small gifts that they loved were two Busy Books. Do your toddlers love these?  Mine do!  We have a couple of others one that they love.  They come with a play mat and usually 10-12 little figurines that go with the story.  Eli got Thomas and Beckett got Batman.

This is the first year that we really went with different gifts for them.  Not just us but some of the family too.  I have to say that I am incredibly proud that we have only had a few skirmishes so far!  They both really have different interest in playing.  Beckett wants to play super heroes.  Eli is more interested in trains, cars, trucks, and planes.  They got one big box full of Monster trucks and a cool ramp/carrying case.  And they got one big box full of all the Super Hero Squad members.  Including their villians. Perfect for playing with their new super hero crime fighting house, helicopter, and jet.

After presents were open it was time for breakfast!  I found this recipe for Birthday Cake Pancakes and they were so yummy!  We sang Happy Birthday to Beckett first all by himself (brother was having a melt down about something) then after that Eli was ready for the singing too.

Well, then he didn't want to blow out the candle.  Fine. I debated the drama of blowing it out myself but decided just to watch until I had to take the candle out because it melted. Sure enough, in just a few minutes he decided to blow it out.  His timing. Not mine. Welcome to 3!!

Yeah! Now they both can enjoy their pancakes together.  

Once breakfast was over it was PLAY TIME.  We had all these fun things to play and we had a blast.  First we started in side.

Then we took our party picnic outside.  The weather was gorgeous.  They loved picnicking with the dogs and the cat.  Eli found the best way to play with his new monster trucks was in the rocks.  And in true fashion, Beckett wanted to go inside and play monster trucks.  Yeah for playing on their own seperate from each other.  

Right after lunch, the doorbell surprises started.  To our surprise our twin neighbors were out of school so they stopped by with gifts for the boys.

Addie and Chloe stopped by 

Hugs for the twin friends
After nap, the doorbell rang again.  Eli went to the door this time and found a special delivery from their Aunt Laura, Uncle Colby, and cousins Madison and Abigail.  Cookies!

The original afternoon plan was to hit the boot store for their annual cowboy boots and then stop by Chucky Cheese for some games and pizza.  Great plan right?

These girl boots mom 

 Well the first boot store was  disaster.  Disaster.  They were wild. The store was little.  They didn't like the boots.  Wow.  So we packed up to head to another one.  Then we realized that we were now getting into serious Houston 5pm traffic.  We told the boys that we were not going to make it to the boot store and they were fine with that.  Then they started crying "I'm hungry.  Momma I'm hungry" on and on and on.  What did we do? Something I swore I would never do.  Took them to the closest easy pizza place.  Cici's!  They loved it.  Dad and I did not but guess what?  We aren't the birthday boys!

 CiCi's pizza 

birthday shenanigans
After what they said was "the best pizza ever" we went home and relaxed. They played all their toys so good and totally crashed in bed.  When we asked them if they had a good birthday they both said "it was fun" and their favorite part? "Toys!"  Sounds like a great 3rd birthday to me.

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