Kicking Off Birthday Week

This past weekend our first visitors arrived from the East (ha!) to kickoff what Justin and I are lovingly referring to as "Birthday Week".  Poppy and Dee Dee were able to sneak away for a quick visit to give these boys some birthday love.

They arrived on Thursday night and immediately we went into birthday mode.  Even though they arrived with a car packed with gifts including their new Power Wheels the boys got over the summer, we just started off  with one gift each since it was so close to bedtime.  I have to tell you that for MONTHS Eli has been asking for a big truck with cars.  If you had asked him prior to this day what he wanted for his birthday he would say a "big trucks with yots of cars in it".  Guess what he got???  He even now has a special parking place for it in his room. Beckett got a really cool Spiderman toy that he loves.  And sends around the loop over and over again. 

Poppy and Dee Dee are here!

Someone is excited!  

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Loving his new truck

Spiderman loop with Poppy 

Loading up his truck with all his cars

Eli gets a turn with Spiderman
On Friday we went to Zoo Boo at The Houston.  This is the first year we have gone.  I read to go on Friday if you can because its less crowded but I was worried about what to expect.  Well, it was amazing.  A small crowd of mainly little ones.  Weather was fantastic if we had been dressed correctly, right Poppy? The boys were technically supposed to wear costumes.  Beckett chose Batman but in true Eli form he said " I just want to wear my pumpkin shirt."   What. A. Great. Day.  

Ready to go!

Love these decorations

In addition to the animals, Zoo Boo had candy trick or treat stations set up throughout the zoo.  Beckett was recovering and finally feeling better from strep so we tried to make him ride and take it as easy as possible. 

checking out his loot

cute. Micky. bottom.. just saying :-)

Open it pease???? pease mommy???

The boys loved playing the games. 

And the spooky pirate bat cave.. Beckett said "let's get out of here!" and Eli LOVED it.  Bats are gross. Bottom line.

Poppy its scawy in here

spider rings

bats eating fruit
Each kid got to go through the pumpkin patch and pick a little pumpkin.  They had a craft station set up for decorating and painting.  

checking into the pumpkin patch

best picture I could get on the pumpkins

picking pumpkins

Eli said he wanted a sad face on his pumpkin

Very pleased with poppy's work 
The zoo has so many fun things for the kids to do.  They loved the playground and is great after riding around in the stroller and being contained.

Poppy got stuck 
hippo eating me!
This is the second time we have been to the zoo and their favorite activity again was the goat brushing. 

And what could be more fun than a rocking carousel ride?  The music was turned up, everyone was singing, Dee Dee was dancing! So much fun!

And wait.  Yes, there are animals at the zoo.  But we wanted to do all the Halloween stuff so we only saw a few.  They loved the ones we did see though!
watching elephants get a bath 

crawling through the piranhas

Beckett touched the snake but Eli would not get near it!

We caught the last weekend of the dinosaur exhibit.  The boys are still talking about this.  Eli loved it although there were some things that scared him.  Beckett said "Dee Dee take me home. Dee Dee, get me out of here!"

look what we see in the trees!

get me out here

these dinosaurs spit water

that's Eli hiding

trying to get Beckett to take a pic with dinosaurs
Not happy about his dinosaur experience
I love our official Zoo Boo photo.  Thanks Poppy and Dee Dee for the spooky special memories.

These boys were so tired that by the time we pulled on the interstate they both had fallen asleep while holding their treat bags.  I could kiss that sugar off their face all day long.

On Friday night after big long naps, Justin and I went out on date night.  We had a great time and went to one of our favorite spots to enjoy our traditional pumpkin brew that we love so much.  We even got to go out with friends.  It was a great night and the boys had so much fun playing hard with their Poppy and Dee Dee.

Pumpkin brew with my pumpkin

Night out with friends!
Saturday was the perfect lazy day. Well, Justin ran 13 miles Saturday morning but the rest of us just laid around, napped, played, and enjoyed time together.  Justin and I also got out and voted.  Love early voting.  
while I cooked breakfast this cute family play dough session
was happening in my living room 

breakfast with eggs from Dee Dee' s Alabama chickens
On Saturday night, Justin and Poppy went to the Alabama Alumni watch party for the Bama game. Dee Dee and I took the boys to their first Halloween party.  Our neighbor friends invited us to a party at their school. Its also the location where the boys are having their birthday party next weekend.  We finally made it after a toddler "fashion crisis".  We ask the boys to choose which costume they wanted to wear.  Well, Beckett wanted to be Buzz.  That was all fine and good but Eli decided he wanted to be Woody.  For MONTHS that is what I begged them to be for Halloween and Eli said "no way".  Well, after getting a "real" Woody for his birthday thats what he wanted to be.  After literally going through everything in his closet including boot 2 sizes too small we were finally ready to go with these 2 cuties.
Woody and Buzz getting ready

finally happy with the costume

yook at my wings


The party had so many cute activities and treats for the boys.

Making treat bags with a friend Lily

Addie and Chloe with Beckett

trick or treat

cutest little cupcakes

sweet green glitter lips

The LOVED spooky ghost bubbles.  I did too. I thought it was so cool. And spooky of course

smoke made lots of little squeals

catching the ghost bubbles 

The school offers cooking classes so the boys got to make owl smores with Dee Dee.  Making them was fun, but eating them was way more fun.
assembling their smores 

2 big marshmellow eyes 

checking the instruction board

love this kitchen
Their absolute favorite? The old fashioned retro "middle school dance".  Seriously.  A dark gym with strobe lights, music, and kids dancing like crazy.  Eli was a little timid at first but then he unleashed.  He danced. Beckett danced.  They danced together.  One time Eli came to me and said, "take Beckett's wings off so I can dance with him!"  

what are they doing to me mom?

Dancing together so sweet 

Really so sweet 

Getting down with Chloe bug

macarena .. shaking his booty 

macarena with woody
Melt my heart moment.  A slower song comes on. My Eli walks up to me, sticks his little hand out and says "mommy, will you come dance with me?" Ah.. so many emotions of that little boy asking his Momma to dance for the first time.  Of course I said yes!

dancing with mommy

They had such a good time that when it was finally time to go they walked into the parking lot chanting "party party party".  We didn't have any problems with bedtime that night!

Sunday morning came to quickly and after a great morning at church, their were lots of tears, hugs, and kisses in the parking lot. Dee Dee and Poppy headed back to life in Alabama.  But not without leaving a little piece 2 big pieces of their heart here in Texas.  What a special way to show these boys how loved they are always and on their birthday.  A great kickoff to birthday fun!

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