Special Birthday Visitors

On Thursday before the big birthday party a few special visitors arrived from Alabama/Florida.  We were blessed that Ma, Dave, and Phyllis were able to make the trip this year.  It is always packed with fun, love, and laughter when they are here and this year was no exception.

They got a great start on Thursday and made it just in time to meet us for dinner. The weather here has just been amazing so we met at our favorite outdoor restaurant, or the "sandbox place" as Eli and Beckett like to call it.

Dave, Ma, and Phyllis

Enjoying the weather and sandbox 

a little queso and chips for Eli 

No, lets go play games

And eat french fries

checking out the pumpkins
Of course they conned Ma into a ton of quarters for the candy machines, games, and lots of french fries! When we got home they had so much fun going through all the bags of goodies she brought.  As she said, "these hugs and snuggles were worth the drive!"

On Friday morning, the boys opened up some of their surprises.. their first set of golf clubs!

The boys hit up the range to try them out while the girls got sneak away for some shopping.  And this sign that Ma brought me says it all.. oh how she knows me so well ;-)

lunch with my Ma after a morning of shopping 

Phyllis and Ma at lunch
Friday evening and Saturday morning we played together, got ready for the party, and just enjoyed some time together.  We cooked, we walked, Justin cooked, and just spent some great time together.  

This is probably my favorite picture from the whole trip.  Real friends help you do your hair!  I think this shows Phyllis's sweet spirit and Ma's spunk.  The perfect recipe for a beautiful friendship.

Before leaving Dave and Justin stopped by the western store and much to our surprise Dave bought the boys their annual boots for their birthday!  Eli really took to Dave this trip and called him "Rotten Dave" or silly Dave.  On their golf outing he rode with Dave and helped him drive and they became inseparable buddies. You may remember that I blogged about the Failed Birthday Boot Trip and we had almost decided they just might not get boots this year even though Eli asks for them everyday.  Dave did a great job and Beckett fell in LOVE with his red boots.  What did Eli get? The requested orange boots of course.  

Eli said he was a "super hero cowboy"

dancing in his boots

I guess I can't fail to mention that Saturday night we all watched the Bama game together.  We are lucky that we all survived without heart attacks or panic attacks.  We were on the edge of our seats, I was jumping on furniture and we were trying hard not to wake the boys with our shouting and dancing.  What a great night for college football for sure.  Great Bama company for the win over LSU. 

Ma said to me, "I don't want to see this on the blog!" 
last snuggles from her Eli 

Thank Ma, Dave, and Phyllis for all your laughs, hugs, talks, help with the party, shopping, and eats.  Most of all thank you for loving us and my sweet little boys so much.  Can't wait for next time!  Roll Tide!

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