There's Twin Love And There's Tough Love

If you follow me on Facebook then you may have seen these post but I wanted to add them for those who don't and for my personal record book :-)

Eli can be really sweet to Beckett.  So many sweet moments have been happening around here.  Ok.  There are also lots of not so nice moments that involve biting :-(  but the sweet moments are increasing and here is one.

We have a pretty high front step and Beckett has a tendency to trip and fall getting off it.  I usually have him wait and he grabs my hand and we step down together.  Well this particular morning, I open the front door after setting the alarm and I hear Eli say "Here Beckett, I hold your hand" and then Beckett grabbed his hand and they walked to the car together just as happy as can be.  I had my phone in my hand and immediately tried to get the sweet picture.  Because later in the day, I needed to look at it to actually believe that moment happened!

Then things tended to spiral downward.  I took Beckett to get his feet measured for a new set of Sure Steps and Eli was AWFUL.  Seriously, here is just one story.  He wanted a cup of water from the fountain.  You know, the office water cooler kind.  So I got him a little cup of water.  Then I go back to talking to the doctor who is looking at Beckett's feet.  The next thing I know and I have no idea where it came from or how it happened, Eli had dumped his whole cup of water on Beckett's head.  He was soaked!!  Beckett starts dying laughing.  The doctor starts to chuckle but then sees the look on my face.  So he says "I'll step out a minute and let you handle this."  OMG.  He said he had seen a lot of things but water on the head was a new one for him.  Don't get me wrong, Beckett was awful too.  He was so bad in the play gym at their office that I had to threaten to make him come sit with me if he pushed again.  He looks at me and pushes.  So here I go in the playgym dragging him out kicking and screaming.  I sit him by me in the office and the grandmother waiting says "He didn't think you were serious." And I said very nicely "Well I was." She said "Oh I can tell you mean business." Ha!  

We get home, they take naps, and wake up from nap and get after it again.  In the course of an hour Eli has flings Justin's new iphone against a wall, turns over laundry, Beckett hits, I don't even remember what else led up to this right here.

That's right.  I put their shoes on, sprayed for mosquitos, and LOCKED them on the back porch.  Yep, turned the key and locked the door.  At first they didn't realize it and played for a few minutes, then I heard them start their hollering "mommy mommy" at the door.  Mommy was taking a break.  While they were locked out there I finished picking up the kitchen, the toys, and getting dinner started.  They pretty much hung out by the door in disbelief that they were "trapped" as Beckett said!  Eventually I went out and we played and it totally reset them.  

Whew.. the roller coaster ride known as TWIN TODDLERS.  The Lord is teaching me valuable lessons right?  Some days, you just have to laugh.  I am sure this won't be their last display of love or their last lockout!

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