Fall Pics and Fun Run

This week the boys had 2 events at their school.  Fall school pictures and a Fun Run.  The boys were such good sports about "dressing up" for the school pictures.  Letting me try to fix their hair and actually convincing them to wear something other than super heroes for a day!  I will be interested to see how they turn out.  The night before I was prepping them and Justin got involved.  He thought it was hilarious to get Eli to make silly faces.  When I picked them up from school the first thing Eli said was "Hey mom.  I made the perfect face. I made a mator face!" Uh oh.  Well, at least I got a good one of the front step before we left for school.

Fall Picture Day 2012
The school host an annual Fun Run for all the kids to raise money. The money goes towards buying "extras" for the teachers classrooms.  The goal is for the run to earn $5000.  The boys did their part and each got sponsors to give $30 to each one.  Thank you grandparents and Ma :-)  They even Face Timed each set of grandparents and asked for money.  I wish I had recorded their sweet voices saying "Can I have some money please?" Gotta practice this early since I know we will have years of fundraising ahead of us.  

I was so excited to go see them run.  We practiced, we prepped, we talked about it and they both were so excited.  

cute cups each kid got for running

the race track

When they saw me they of course immediately started crying for me so we got off to a rough start.  Beckett recovered immediately and had a great time running.  He was laughing and saying "come on Mommy".  A total shock that he was the one running so well.  And where was Eli?  In my arms!  He would not, would not let me put him down.  I ran 12 laps holding a 36 lb toddler.  I was SWEATING.  Ha!  I kept trying to put him down but he wanted nothing to do with it.  His teachers were so surprised since Eli is not usually the fussy one.  Almost at the end, I stopped and put him down so I could try and take some pictures of Beckett.  He saw Beckett and said "Yook mom! Yook at Beckett running! I run too!" And he took off... FAST.   By then he only got 2 laps in before the timer went off :-(  They let him run 2 more laps by himself because he was finally so happy about running.  

coming in with their class for the run

so "happy" to see me they cried!

Beckett's off!

He was running fast!

This when I first put Eli down and made him chase me!

running with friends

Trying to get Eli to run! This was in the middle of the floor. 

Beckett getting his # punched

Finally wants to run!

Yeah!! There goes my Eli running!

Getting his # punched

solo laps post race

coming across the finish line

They wore numbers and as they came around each time, they were punched with a hole punch to keep count.  Beckett ran 15 laps and Eli  Mommy ran 14 (that's how many punches Eli got).  Once the race was over they sat with their sweet friends and each got a new cup.
with some friends from their class
We are blessed by the teachers, staff, and wonderful experience with this school.  We are looking forward to more fun events in November.  At least I got my exercise for the day. Maybe this can count as marathon training?  I should have gotten a sponsor!

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