And On His Farm He Had A...

Bunny, Goat, Cow, Pig, Horse, Sheep, Pumpkin, and even a Choo Choo Train!  The boys got invited to a neighbor's birthday party Saturday at Old McDonald's Farm and we were really excited to take them.   

After a quick little snooze in the car, the boys were a little apprehensive at first until they really woke up.  But once they did, they LOVED the animals. 

There were these little cage areas that you could go inside and feed most of the animals.  Funny story, Justin was holding the bag of corn and the goat tried to get the bag.  He ate a whole inside and the corn started poring out.  The boys thought it was HILARIOUS and even today Eli was talking about the goat that ate Daddy's bag.

Trying to convince Eli to pet the donkey

and feed him .. nope. 

Getting braver at the goats

still not there


SUCESS!! Petting the goat (that ate Daddy's bag of corn)

the cutest little chicken farmers

Beckett would say "here Mr Chicken.  Hello Mr. Chicken"

Loving the piles of corn the little girl put out for the chickens

Are those little houses so cute?

Beckett said the chickens were his favorite.. at that moment!

And then on to the biggest pig I've ever seen! Beckett wouldn't even go in this one. 

Feeding the cow.. 

And then horse rides... they both jumped right in line, climbed up the stairs, got on the horses and walked away.  A lot of other parents walked with their kids but mine just waved and said "Yee haw Mommy!"

After the horse rides, Eli saw the train "coming to the station" and took off running.  He says that part was his favorite.

As part of the birthday party, each child got to pick a pumpkin from the patch.  We have watched countless episodes of Barney's Halloween party so they were beyond excited about the pumpkin patch and picking one out.  They were very serious about their choices.  In the end, Eli opted for a "yittle pumpkin" and Beckett a "big one with no hat (stem)  

Dad getting them ready for the photo

The best we got!!

Dees are Heavy

pumpkin picker

I got a yittle one! 

Even after all that fun there was still a party and a very special guest to meet.  Lily, the party girl, turned 2 and her favorite friend showed up!  At first, Beckett and Eli were scared and hugged us tight.  Then they got more brave.   They did the hokey pokey and played hide and seek.  Even got up the nerve for a few high fives.  Beckett conquered his fears, hugged Barney, and got a picture taken.. Eli, not so much!  He did however love Barney's treasure chest.

Here comes the special guest

Not so sure what to think about Barney's arrival

Birthday girl & Barney

Loving the Barney show

The hokey pokey 

closed eyes for hide and seek 

Eli found the angry bird

and give it back to Barney!

More hide and seek 

Lining up for limbo

Limbo time

Trying to get Eli in the picture
Beckett so sweet with Barney

Not. Having. It. 
And what's a party without cake and ice cream?  Oh and tons of candy and little favor toys.  Oh. And more candy.  

What a fun party!  A day at the farm complete with pumpkin patch and a visit from Barney.  Whew.  These 2 had a great day and I am sure they would have been tired if they hadn't eaten their weight in sugar while we were there!  We came home to a great evening at home and my hubby even got a big Wolfpack win to finish the day off.    A great start to October and our favorite time of the year.

Happy Fall Y'all!!

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